My Time At Portia Cooking Set

my time at portia cooking set

Portia: How to Get a Cooking Set in My Time

When you are feeling low, cooking meals can be a wonderful way to replenish your energy and health. These make wonderful gifts and are great for the locals. This is how you get a cooking set in My Time at Portia.

From your Assembly Station, you have many options for crafting. Before you can start crafting it, you will need the blueprints for it first.

You’ll need five data CDs taken from mines in order to obtain the blueprints needed for the Cooking Set in My Time in Portia. Although they are dropped randomly, you can easily get them by hacking away on rocks.

When you are satisfied with the amount, turn them in to Petra at Research Station. Petra will take 3 days to process the data. Her Cooking Set blueprints are then mailed to her. You’ll need to use the following materials for crafting it:

6 Stone Bricks

1 Iron Pan

3 Marble Planks

The 48 Stones can produce six Stone Bricks. At level 2, you will be able to craft an Iron Pan with the five Rubber Fruits along with 15 Iron Ores. Finally, toss nine Marbles into your Civil Cutter for your six Marble Planks.

All you need to do is put the items on your Assembly Station. You can place the item anywhere you like in your base and start making delicious meals.

This covers everything that you need about getting a Cooking Set at My Time in Portia. Twinfinite has more helpful tips. Check out our guides for help.

my time at portia cooking set

Here are some Tips

The negative effects of the recipes are small in relation to the price of ingredients and preparation time.

Most likely, you will be able to use only the cooking set for the quests. Then you can buy any items that are needed to recover and buff your character.

The simple remedies, such as the herbal mix and simple ointments, are affordable and can help you to recover your health.

Basic skiver – My Time at Portia Civil cutter – My Time at Portia Spar civil corps – My Time at Portia Stone furnace – My Time at Portia Grinder – My Time at Portia Finding marble – My Time at Portia

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my time at portia cooking set

My Time At Portia Fruit Tart – How To Get Fruit Tart?

28 May 2019, By Bogdan Robert Mates. It’s best to have a good stomach before you attempt rebuilding, crafting and navigating dangerous depths at My Time At Portia. There is a wide variety of foods that can be made and purchased, such as this fruit tart.

Here’s how you can get fruit tarts, which grant a critical chance bonus, in My Time At Portia.

My Time At Portia has a delicious fruit tart. It can be purchased or made at home.

Martha’s Bakery is the best place to purchase fruit tarts. You will need at least 39 Gols to pay for one fruit tart. Keep in mind, she does not sell the item during rainy weather.

If cooking’s your favourite activity in My Time At Portia, you can make some fruit tarts for yourself by using the cooking set. As far as ingredients go, you’ll need 1 fruit, 1 milk, and 1 egg, and can also add 1 flour. One minute of critical opportunity is granted by eating a fruit-tart. This item is also available for sale.

my time at portia cooking set

My Time At Portia: 10 Recipes Everyone Should Know (& How To Make Them)

Sharing Share Tweet Email Everybody should be familiar with these My Time At Portia recipes

We all know that farming sims with combat have stamina bars. My Time in Portia is a farming sim where the stamina bars will drop as you do things, which means that your health and stamina levels are likely to decrease. In order to survive going in dungeons or even building throughout the day , you will need to learn to cook some recipes that will help you keep going all day long.

It may be difficult to compile all the recipes and it might not be easy to know the ones that will work best for your game. We have put together a list with 10 easy recipes that everyone needs to know how to prepare.

Jessica Thomas, January 31, 2021: My Time in Portia was updated. This series has been a hit in the sim genre. It focuses more on building than farming, and includes familiar aspects like dating. You will need to be creative in order to preserve your stamina, health, and vitality while you play. This can be done by learning how to cook and then carrying them around with you while cooking. The sequel My Time in Sandrock is coming soon, so now is the best time to explore Portia.

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You can make a bacon fish roll by cooking, or taking part in the fishing event. The roll is best used when going into a dungeon as it will temporarily raise your defense stat by thirty-five points for one hundred and twenty seconds at a time.

Cook this recipe on your own using the blade fish you catch from fishing or meat creatures. You must go fishing in the Collapsed Wasteland in order to obtain the blade fish. In order to make the jujube from it, you need to chop down the trees.

9 Bubblefish Soup The Bubblefish Soup is an easy-to-get item that can often be obtained in the mail after you befriend Django. The recipe is great to use while going through dungeon s and increases your chance for a critical hit by 20%.

You can make this recipe with many ingredients. However, you must catch bubblefish at Somber Marsh or Portia Harbor. In addition to this you’ll need to include one of these vegetables and a random seasoning.

Sweet Stew Mix 8 This is a useful recipe you can prepare as soon as your cooking set has been completed. The Sweet Stew Mix will grant you 1HP for 120 secs. You can stack it for unlimited healing and endless running through the early levels of the game.

This recipe only requires one sweet component. You can use six different ingredients to make this: sugar, honey (from foraging), apple, honey and lemon. Any food can serve as the second ingredient. This makes it easy for even novice cooks to create this delicious soup.

my time at portia cooking set

My Time At Portia: 10 Recipes For Beginners To Learn

It is through the stomach that a Portian can find their heart. These are the best recipes for you to begin with.


Panthea Games has announced the release of My Time At Portia 2, the sequel to their massively-crafting sim. It will be released later in 2015. Titled My Time At Sandrock, it will feature many of the same things from its predecessor, primarily focusing on the series’ niche: crafting and building. The game will continue to expand on the original mechanics of crafting and building, as well as socializing and cooking.

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Portia offers a wealth of content that will keep players engaged before they jump in to Sandrock. There are a plethora of things to do , but one of the main draws of the game for players is the ability to befriend (and even romance) their fellow Portians. Cooking and gifting your favorite dishes is a great way to achieve this. Here are the best examples.

Simple 10 Bamboo Papaya Recipe with an Egg. Both eggs and bamboo papaya can be collected on the player’s property, via raising chickens and cultivating bamboo papaya seeds . If the player does not want to collect eggs on their property, they can buy eggs from the nearby ranch for a low price, or bamboo papayas in other parts of the world.

It is also easy and cheap to find salt. It is a crowd pleaser and costs almost nothing.

Apple Juice 9 This is an easy recipe. It only takes one ingredient: Apples! Many Portians love this drink. It’s an easy gift idea to hand out for birthdays. You can juice even if you don’t possess an apple tree. There are plenty of apple trees scattered around the world, giving players endless options.

Only problem is, to create it players have to first make a blender. The game will allow you to quickly make the recipe once you’ve reached a certain point.

There are two types of salad to make in this game: fruit salad, and vegetable salad. While the first one requires only two slices of fruit, the second will require two pieces. These can be combined with salad sauce made from eggs and sugar.

They are both fairly simple dishes to make, as well as popular enough to be requested by the same people monthly (such as Antoine and Emily). This is why they are so important for increasing the popularity of the players!

.My Time At Portia Cooking Set

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