Southern Hands Homestyle Cooking

southern hands homestyle cooking

Hickoryhill’s home cooking powerhouse Southern hands will make sure that your lunch goes smoothly

Wednesday, November 20, 2019. Southern Hands Home Style cooks classic soul foods such as smothered meat chops, fried chicken and meat loaf. Southern Hands Home Style Cooking is a family-owned business that has served southern classics since its Hickory Hill headquarters for almost ten years. It’s not only soul food. It is one of Hickory Hill’s busiest restaurants, often with an empty parking lot by midday or even in the evenings.

Cassandra Pye (co-founder) stated, “There’s not a Hickory Hill person that doesn’t know us.”

People from all over the Mid-South visit Hickory Hill at 6025 Winchester Road. One location is in Raleigh; one is in Olive Branch.

It includes 11 traditional southern-style entrees along with an assortment of delicious sides and dessert. With every meal, a portion of cornbread is provided.

It’s worth noting that Southern Hands passes one of the best test of great soul food restaurants it lists spaghetti as a vegetable.

Pye claimed that the most requested dishes are fried chicken and meatloaf. He also mentioned Kam’s Pork Chops with gravy, onions, and peppers.

The prices are more than reasonable and the portions generous. Lunch platters start at $7.29 and go up to $8.99. Less than $15 is the most expensive meal entree.

Terrance Adam is a frequent customer at Hickory Hill.

“It’s delicious. The food is always fresh and warm. Everything here is very tasty,” said Adams. Adams said that the customer service was excellent and that prices were very reasonable. Hickory Hill locations are open between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. every day, except Sunday.

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Terrance Adam prepares for his Southern Hands Homestyle Cooking meal at 6025 Winchester Road. (A.J. Dugger III. Handing It Down Pye and her siblings Daryl Green (A.J. The siblings manage each location and are accustomed to filling in wherever they’re needed, from seating customers to cooking and washing dishes.

.Southern Hands Homestyle Cooking

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