Acquiring A Cooking Set in My Time at Portia

Obtaining the Cooking Set Blueprints

In order to obtain the blueprints for the Cooking Set in My Time at Portia, it is necessary to gather a total of five data discs. These discs can be obtained by hacking rocks or finding them randomly .

Once you have collected enough data discs, take them to Petra at the Research Station. Petra will review the data for three days. After the review process, she will mail the Cooking Set blueprints to you.

my time in portia cooking set

Crafting The Cooking Set

To craft the Cooking Set, you will need specific resources. Gather 48 Stones to create six Stone Bricks. Additionally, at level 2, you can use five Rubber Fruits or 15 Iron Ores to make an Iron Pan.Lastly, obtain nine Marbles and put them into your Civil Cutter to produce six Marble Planks.

After gathering all the necessary items, place them on the Assembly Station to create a functional Cooking Set.

Using The Cooking Set

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Once you have successfully crafted the Cooking Set, you can place it in any part of your base. The Cooking Set allows you to cook delicious meals and is an excellent way to restore health and vitality when you’re feeling low.

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Extra Tips

  1. The positive effects of using the cooking set are relatively small compared to the cost of ingredients and the time required for preparation.
  2. Reserve the use of the cooking set for fulfilling quests. Alternatively, you can purchase items from the shop to obtain buffs or restore your health.
  3. Consider using simple ointments and herbal mixtures available at a reasonable price in the clinic to improve your health.
  4. Essential crafting stations in My Time at Portia include the Basic Skiver, Civil Cutter, Spar Civil Corps, Stone Furnace, and Grinder. These can be used to create various items and progress in the game.

How To Obtain Fruit Tarts In My Time At Portia

In My Time At Portia, having an ample food supply is crucial for rebuilding and crafting items, as well as surviving dangerous expeditions. One of the food options available is the delicious fruit tart, which can be obtained by either purchasing it or making it at home .

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Purchasing Fruit Tarts

  • Visit Martha’s Bakery located at the Central Plaza to buy fruit tarts.
  • Ensure you have at least 39 Gols to cover the cost of a single fruit tart.
  • Note that fruit tarts are not available for sale on rainy days.

my time in portia cooking set

Making Fruit Tarts at Home

  • Use your cooking set to prepare fruit tarts.
  • The required ingredients are 1 fruit, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg, and 1 tablespoon of flour.
  • Cooking the fruit tart takes approximately one minute.
  • Consuming a fruit tart grants a +15% critical chance boost for a limited time.
  • You can also choose to sell fruit tarts if desired.

10 Essential Recipes in My Time At Portia (with Cooking Instructions)

In the world of My Time At Portia, managing your stamina and health is crucial for various activities, such as exploring dungeons and constructing throughout the day. To help you maintain your energy levels and minimize wasted food, we have compiled a complete list of 10 simple and inexpensive dishes that can be prepared using a variety of cooking ingredients, cooking tools, and cooking stations. Whether you’re a novice or have advanced cooking skills, these recipes will not only satisfy your taste buds but also make the most of your available food resources. Here’s a breakdown of each recipe and the game minutes required for preparation:

  1. Supremely Spicy Spaghetti (Preparation Time: 120 minutes) This recipe requires a combination of ingredients such as two hot peppers (grown in your popular farm), mustard (bought from the market), lobster meat (acquired by slaying monsters), and flour. The dish provides a significant boost to your attack stat (+45) for 120 seconds and can be shared with Arlo, Remington, and Nora to earn friendship points.
  2. Fruit Tart (Preparation Time: 60 minutes) The Fruit Tart is not only a delicious choice but also a necessary item for completing a mission. It enhances your chance of landing critical hits by 15% for 60 seconds. You can either make it using one egg, one container of milk, and your choice of fruit, or purchase it from Martha for a reasonable price of 30 gold. Additionally, Martha’s delivery quest can be fulfilled by offering her a Fruit Tart, earning you ten friendship points from Molly.
  3. Mushroom and Fruit (Preparation Time: 30 minutes) Despite the initial skepticism, this dish combines the familiar elements of mushrooms and fruits to create a surprisingly delightful treat. It restores 60 health points and ten stat points upon consumption. You can either buy it from Martha’s pastry shop or make it yourself using one apple, two flour, and one shaggy mane mushroom found on the tree farm. Enjoying this dish will also earn you ten friendship points with Lee.
  4. Roasted Pork With Honey (Preparation Time: 20 minutes) This simple dish is perfect for early game cooking and serves as an excellent way to replenish your health during battles. By eating Roasted Pork With Honey, you instantly gain 60 points of health. It can also be given to QQ for 12 friendship points.
  5. Smoked Fish Roll (Preparation Time: 30 minutes) For dungeon crawlers, the Smoked Fish Roll offers a substantial boost to your defense stat (+35) for 60 seconds. It can be shared with Oaks and Scruff to earn friendship points. There are two recipe variations available: one with two catfish caught in the Portia River and Collapsed Wasteland, and another with two golden salmon caught in the Portia Harbor and desert. Additionally, you’ll need to add one cumin and a salty seasoning of your choice to complete the dish.
  6. Spicy Stew Mix (Preparation Time: 10 minutes) The Spicy Stew Mix is a quick and easy-to-make recipe, perfect for farming enthusiasts. It restores 20 stamina points (SP) or 7% of your total SP value. This mix is often desired by Arlo and can earn you ten friendship points with both Arlo and Albert. The main ingredient options include blade fish (obtained through fishing) or Banner fish (caught on Amber Island and the Portia Harbor), along with one spicy seasoning and one salt seasoning.
  7. Pumpkin Shrimp Soup (Preparation Time: 40 minutes) Ideal for fall, the Pumpkin Shrimp Soup features pumpkin as a key ingredient. Consuming this soup grants an instant stamina boost of 40 points, making it perfect for gathering wood. To prepare this dish, you’ll need shrimp lobster meat (obtained from Snailbobs), along with a random vegetable of your choice. Giving this soup to Yeye and Phillis will earn you ten friendship points. If you enjoyed this, you might like kitchenaid coffee grinder review
  8. Sweet Stew Mix (Preparation Time: 120 minutes) As soon as you finish your cooking set, you can create the Sweet Stew Mix. This item provides a healing effect of +1 HP for 120 seconds and can be stacked for prolonged healing. To prepare it, you only need to use one sweet ingredient, such as sugar, apricot, apple, honey, lemon, or snake berry, and pair it with any other food item. This soup is beginner-friendly and a useful addition to your favorite meals.
  9. Bubblefish Soup (Preparation Time: 30 minutes) The Bubblefish Soup is an easy-to-obtain recipe that is often received in the mail after befriending Django. It increases your chance of landing critical hits by 20%, making it ideal for dungeon exploration. To cook this soup, you’ll need a bubblefish caught in the Portia Harbor or Somber Marsh, along with a vegetable of your choice and a random seasoning.
  10. Bacon Fish Roll (Preparation Time: 120 minutes) The Bacon Fish Roll can be obtained either through cooking or by participating in the fishing day event. This roll temporarily raises your defense stat by 35 points for 120 seconds, providing extra protection during dungeon adventures. To cook this roll, you’ll need a blade fish (caught in the Collapsed Wasteland), meat creatures, rock salt, and palm jujube (obtained by cutting down trees in the desert). If you enjoyed this, you might like does kroger take apple pay
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By following these cooking tips and utilizing your crafting skills, you can enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious dishes while making the most of your available ingredients and cooking tools in My Time At Portia.

Other Famous Recipe Effects and Ingredients

Bamboo Papaya with Egg-On-Top1 Bamboo Papaya, 1 Egg, 1 SaltRestores 40 HP, 5 Stamina
Blade Fish Mushroom Soup1 Blade Fish, 1 Red Mushroom, 1 Bamboo Papaya, 1 RiceRestores 35% Stamina
Bubblefish Stew2 Bubblefish, 1 Tea, 1 Spicy Agent, Spice, Salt or SugarCrit Chance +35% for 180 seconds
Chicken Risotto with Coconut1 Chicken, 1 Rice, 1 Milk, 1 CoconutRestores 35% Max HP
Classic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce1 Meat, 1 Flour, 1 Red Mushroom, Nori, Milk, or EggAttack +10 for 20 Seconds
Creamy Salmon Stew1 Golden Salmon, 1 Milk, 1 Spice, Salt, or SugarRestores 18% Max HP
Crispy Salmon with Sauce1 Golden Salmon, 1 Rock Salt, 1 FruitDefense +20 for 120 seconds
Delicious Roasted Ribs2 Meat, 1 Salt, 1 FruitRestores 3% Stamina


How can I obtain the blueprints for the Cooking Set in My Time at Portia?

Gather five data discs by hacking rocks or finding them randomly, then take them to Petra at the Research Station for a three-day review process. Afterward, Petra will mail you the Cooking Set blueprints.

What are the required resources to craft the Cooking Set in My Time at Portia?

You will need 48 Stones to create six Stone Bricks, five Rubber Fruits or 15 Iron Ores (at level 2) to make an Iron Pan, and nine Marbles to produce six Marble Planks. Place these items on the Assembly Station to create the Cooking Set.

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What can I do with the Cooking Set in My Time at Portia?

The Cooking Set allows you to cook delicious meals, which can restore your health and vitality when you’re feeling low. It can be placed anywhere in your base and is especially useful for fulfilling quests or restoring health.

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