Cooking A Turkey In A Convection Oven

cooking a turkey in a convection oven

How To Cook A Turkey RecipeIn A Convection Oven

Jump to Recipe. Print this recipe. See our disclosure statement. Learn how easy it’s to prepare a turkey with a convection cooker. It’s not as difficult to cook a turkey than you may think. The turkey is so tender and juicy.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of cooking turkeys in convection ovens.

I am absolutely in love with our Dacor Classic Epicure Double Wall Ovens. They make any turkey I cook come out perfectly seared on the outside and juicy on the inside every time.

It’s so much easier to prepare a turkey when you use a convection oven.

cooking a turkey in a convection oven

Commonly Asked Questions about How To Cook A Turkey?

What is the best way to thaw a frozen turkey?

Frosting turkeys doesn’t necessarily kill bacteria. Frozen turkeys should be kept out of the Temperature Danger Zone 40deg 140deg. Never put a turkey under the counter. You can get foodborne illnesses.

Safely defrost your turkey using

1. Under refrigeration. This is best for turkey defrosting. It requires ample refrigerator space, advanced planning, and will require additional refrigeration. You should place the turkey on the lowest possible level to stop juices escaping into other foods. A pan with a high rim (2-4?) To catch juices, a high-rimmed pan (2-4?) is necessary. To thaw, turn the breastside down. The time taken for defrosting will vary depending on the size and weight of the bird. On average, it will take one day per 4 pounds for the bird to be completely defrosted. Two days is enough time to cook and defrost your bird.

2. You can use a large sink or running water. It is possible to defrost your turkey in running water. Overflowing and small particles will need plenty of space. Special care must be taken in cleaning and sanitizing every tool used in preparation of the turkey. Hot water and a bleach- based cleanser should be used to sanitize the sink and utensils used.

3. Using Pure ConvectionTM. Pure ConvectionTM can be used at 150°C to freeze a turkey that has been partially defrosted for immediate cooking. Partially frozen means that the skin, legs and wings are defrosted and can move freely, but there are still some ice crystals and it is still hard inside of the turkey’s cavity. Place turkey on an oven roasting pan with a v-shaped rack. It will take approximately 8-11 minutes per pound to defrost the turkey. This is not recommended with frozen solid turkeys as it will remain in the Temperature Danger Zone for too long.

Are you able to broil the turkey without having it blasted?

No, you do not need to baste. Convection ovens can quickly brown the turkey and lock in the juices.

How do you Carryover Cook?

Carryover Cooking refers to the extra cooking that a dish undergoes after being taken out of the oven. Once the turkey is removed from the oven it will continue cooking for about 10 minutes more. Because of the loss in juices, it is better to not cut into the turkey while the turkey rests for around 10-15 minutes.

cooking a turkey in a convection oven

What is the best time to cook a turkey in a convection oven?

Depending on the size of your turkey, follow the chart for convection cooking or until you’ve reached the proper temperature. The temperature should be measured in the thickest portion of the thigh, but not the bone. You should also check that your turkey’s stuffing is at 165°F if it has been filled.

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12-15 pounds, 1.5-2 hours

15-20 pounds, 2-2.5 hours

20-25 pounds, 2.5-3 hours

Another sign that your turkey is finished is that it moves loosely and that its juices are clear. To be certain, check the temperature inside – at the breast, in the thighs and on the wings.

Depending on your brand of oven, it is recommended to reduce traditional turkey baking times from 10-40 percent.

Is there a way to ensure that my turkey remains tender in the convection oven

Convection ovens don’t require you to basten the turkey. The convection ovens are quick and sear the turkey quickly. This locks in all the flavors. Baste the turkey with a sauce or marinade during the final hour of cooking.

You don’t need foil to wrap the turkey in. This is because the turkey should sear to a golden brown colour. Foil can be used to cover the chicken’s legs or wings if they become too brown.

cooking a turkey in a convection oven

Perfectly moist Convection Oven Roasted Turkey

Although it is not the most perfect thing, calling it that can be done perfectly is quite bold. But this really is the best, juciest turkey I have ever made. And there just isn’t any better way to say it!

Thanksgiving was the first year I have used my convection cooker.

Non, I did not buy a new oven. Why? I dunno. This is just strange to me.

What convection oven do you prefer? And if so, why do you like it better than your regular oven??

OK, now back to turkey.

This turkey was amazing. It was simple and straightforward. The meat was tender, delicious and full of flavor. In less than three hours, the beast weighing 20 pounds was prepared! (YaY convection!!) The process of cooking turkeys can be complicated depending on their size. Mine was 20 pounds, as are most others. That’s why we’ll make that our base. Start checking your turkey for doneness sooner if you have a smaller one. If it is larger, wait a little longer. (Rocket science, eh?) However, this might be too late. If you’re like me you may stock up while turkeys are still cheap (.89c a pound anyone?) Check this out.

Don’t forget to turn on convection in your oven if possible. If this is the case, you can raise the temp to 350o for the last cooking step and the turkey will take slightly longer.

1 20-lb Turkey, frozen

1/4 cup butter, softened

2 tablespoons poultry seasoning

cooking a turkey in a convection oven

Convection Oven Primer

Before letting your convection oven collect any more cobwebs from lack of use, here’s a brief overview of what convection cooking does and why it’s a lot less mysterious — and a lot more convenient — than it seems.

Unlike standard ovens, in which heat moves slowly from the heat source to the food, convection ovens use a fan to move hot air around the oven cavity. This continuous circulation of heat results in baked goods releasing their steam quicker, which leads to flakier pastries and croissants, and meats and poultry rendering their fats more quickly. The result is a nicely brown skin and succulent meat. Foods cooked in convection ovens are generally 25 percent quicker because they have a higher heat.

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Convection cookers also allow you to prepare multiple dishes at once. Because of the fan, you can fill up your oven racks with multiple items and not have to worry about uneven heat. The fan will speed up the cooking process and make your electric bills less expensive.

Check out these convection-oven tips:

If you’re using a recipe for a standard oven, reduce the heat on your convection oven by 25 degrees.

A convection cooker can make food cook 25 percent faster then traditional oven cooking. Convection ovens can save you time by cooking faster. For instance, turkeys were able to be roasted in 30-45 minutes, which is a significant reduction from the normal time.

Don’t hesitate to load up your racks — this is where the circulating oxygen comes in.

Roast meats in a V-shaped rack or pan. This will allow for as much airflow as possible.

The user guide of your oven is important. There are different settings available for roasting and baking. Others allow you to select between convection and standard cooking. Many oven makers offer many different options, so make sure you know what your oven can do.

— Loree Dowse

cooking a turkey in a convection oven

The Convection Cooking of a Turkey with Fresh Herbs

Jump to the Recipe. This recipe for

How To Cook A Turkey Recipe{In A Convection Oven}

“>cooking a turkey in a convection oven with fresh herbs has amazing flavor! For the best oven-cooked turkey, follow these steps.

Is there a better way to enhance your Thanksgiving Turkey dinner? If so, this is the right recipe.

Bag cooking turkey makes it easy and quick to prepare. Pesto is a great way to use up all the fresh herbs you’ve been growing throughout summer.

Making a Turkey In a Convection Cooker with Fresh Herbs. This is how to cook a delicious, easy and nut-free turkey.

There are so many Thanksgiving turkey recipes to try, and I have tried a lot of them!! I recommend using a Turkey Roasting Pan to make a turkey.

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cooking a turkey in a convection oven

Cooking A Turkey (In A Convection Oven) – Faq

Reynolds Turkey Bag Cooking Times: What are they?

Visit to view a detailed turkey bag recipe and learn some tips. Use a thermometer for checking and making sure that the turkey is cooked in a convection cooker at 165 degrees. You can cook the turkey to 165°F if it is not.

Convection Oven or Regular Oven? Regular?

Convection ovens take less time to cook a turkey than regular ovens. This is because hot air circulates around the food.

You Want to Make Thanksgiving Turkey Special?

My family enjoys mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry fillings, mashed butternut and butternut squash griddle, roast butternut squash, glazed carrots, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Risotto, fresh green beans, and fresh mushrooms.

cooking a turkey in a convection oven

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Convection Oven vs. Regular Oven for Turkey Cooking The question of whether to bake a Thanksgiving turkey in a convection, regular oven is up for debate. Which method has clear advantages? This article will help you understand what the difference is between both ovens.

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Since convection ovens take less time to cook turkey, you should set them for a lower temperature than you would a regular oven. A 300-325degF temperature is perfect for producing a delicious bird that maintains a moist exterior while also reaching an ideal interior temperature of 165degF . Alternatively, regular ovens are usually set for 350degF when cooking turkey.

In either oven the turkey will cook for about 3-4 hours. This doesn’t take into account how long it takes to prepare and thaw. It doesn’t matter which oven type you use for roasting your turkey. The difference shouldn’t be significant in the way that it tastes once it’s ready to be eaten.

cooking a turkey in a convection oven

Is it possible to cook a turkey at 325 degrees in a convection oven?

Cooking a Turkey in a Convection Oven

Minutes/lb. Oven Temp

Unstuffed (10-15 lbs.) 8-11 min./lb 325

Unstuffed (over 15 lbs.) 7-10 min/lb. 325

Turkey Butter

4-6 lbs. Breast 16-19 min/lb 325

cooking a turkey in a convection oven

Range & Wall Oven – Cooking A Turkey In A Convection Oven

Follow these guidelines for cooking turkey in convection ovens:


Oven Temp Internal Temp Whole Turkey Unstuffed (10-15 lbs.) 8-11 min./lb 185-190 F Unstuffed (over 15 lbs.) 7-10 min/lb.

Turkey breast 4-6 lbs. Breast 16-19 min/lb Tips

Stuffed bird recipes generally need an extra 30-45 minutes roasting.

Cover the breast and legs in foil so that they don’t dry out or over brown.

Use a thermometer to roast the birds. Place it in their thighs.

cooking a turkey in a convection oven

What Time Does It Take To Cook A Turkey in a Convection Oven?

See original recipe at: cbrno Learning how long to cook a turkey in a convection oven may take some adjustments on your part. There are a number of things to consider when determining cooking times. Consider the following when you cook a turkey in convection oven.

Does the turkey come stuffed? For avoiding food poisoning and safe cooking, stuffing turkeys can take longer to bake.

How big is your turkey? It will take more time to cook a large turkey.

Do you want to cook a whole turkey, or just the breast of a turkey? Turkey breast meat is more tender than other meats, so it takes less time to prepare the meat.

Will you be cooking the turkey in a bag? A poultry bag will reduce the time it takes to cook turkey. Check the bag manufacturer’s instructions for specific cooking times.

What is the frequency that you will be basting your turkey? When you turn on the oven to bake the turkey, it will heat up slightly. If you do this often, it can result in slightly longer cooking times. You can use a turkey thermometer for ensuring that your turkey is at the right temperature.

Your roasting pot should be as dark as possible. The roasting pan that is darker than the shiny, metal one will cook your food faster.

A turkey’s cooking time is the amount of time that it takes for it reach safe temperatures. To be safe, the internal temperature of a turkey must reach 165°F. Take the temperature of the turkey’s thickest portion, and make sure that the meat thermometer does not touch the bones. You should also get 165 degrees Fahrenheit when stuffing.

Turkey print

6-10lbs – 1.5-2 hours 10-18lbs & 2 to2.5 hours 18-22lbs & 2.5-3 hours 22-24lbs – 2.5-3.5hrs 22-24lbs – 2.5-3 hours 22-24lbs 3.25-3.5hrs 3-24lbs /

.Cooking A Turkey In A Convection Oven

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