Cooking Classes Greenville Sc

cooking classes greenville sc

You can take hands-on courses

You’ll be able to learn how to cook in each of CHI’s practical cooking classes. CHI’s skilled culinary instructors will make you a better cook and help you enjoy your time in the kitchen. Learn to sharpen your knives, improve your cooking skills, and share your baking talents with your coworkers.

Enjoy all of the food you prepare at the end of class, and take home what you don’t finish!

Courses 3 to 6 hours

Instructions from CHI’s Chef-Instructor. Learn how to prepare several dishes using CHI’s modern commercial kitchen.

Aprons and knives to be used in your class

Instructional packet with tips, tricks and recipes for the hands-on class

A maximum of 24 students per class.

cooking classes greenville sc

The Most Common Questions and Answers

These are some of the top services that offer cooking classes.

Some popular services for cooking classes include:

Virtual Classes What’s the buzz about Greenville cooking classes?

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“I attended the Cajun cooking class last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve used the recipe several times this year. My wife gave me another gift card this year, so we will be looking for classes together. There were 8 people in the Cajun class, including two couples and four individuals paired up. Everybody felt comfortable and at ease with the teacher/chef. It was three different dishes that were taught in class. Etouffe is my favorite dish, so I selected this class. “The dish was great and simple to adapt.” You can read more about this business.

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cooking classes greenville sc

The Chef’s Message

Let’s cook culinary video Let’s cook culinary 1305 Assembly Street Columbia (South Carolina) Learn, taste, and experience the culinary arts from professional chefs.

Let’s Cook Culinary Studio: Hello. First, I must mention that we really appreciate all the support from our customers. Although our sales have dropped by half a year ago, we still manage to stay afloat. THANK YOU.

To entertain a group greater than 10 people, take a cooking class.

For 2021, all International Culinary Tours have been cancelled. We’re currently planning to take some trips in the Low Country to SC including Savannah, GA, Daufuskie Island, and Savannah, GA. Additionally, we are interested to visit another Greenville culinary school. We are rescheduling our Italy Trips to 2022.

Remember to support local businesses and restaurants. We have a service for electronic gift certificates. Just click the button, and enter the details. Print the form and send it to loved ones. Let’s Cook is here to entertain you, your family and friends by publishing classes at least two months prior. If you have an idea for a class, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If interested in our Regional Tours, please call for more information.

Cliff Springs, Genesis Studios has created this video.

Let’s Cook has team building events that are open to corporations. You have a team in dire need of some time away from work? Join us at the studio and we will set up a conference room, a team building class, or cooking session. Evening classes may also be offered.

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We need more teachers or suggestions for classes. Send us your thoughts or contacts.

John Militello, chef Click on “Review Schedule & Register” to go through the schedule and register for any current classes.

.Cooking Classes Greenville Sc

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