Wooden Spoons For Cooking

wooden spoons for cooking


There are 13 models to test, with prices ranging from approximately $4 to $36. Use them to make Weeknight Tagliatelle and Indian-Style Curry using Potatoes. Use them to prepare Classic Chewy Oatmeal cookies. Have at least three testers. Wooden spoons are useful for a variety of tasks, such as mixing stiff cookie dough roux , scraping up fond for stews and sauces, sauteing onions soups breaking up ground beef or sausage as it cooks. The test kitchen uses them for stirring and scraping, especially when they need to provide more leverage than a soft silicone spatula. Also, when enameled, cast-iron nonstick pans are being used, these spoons can be used to protect their surfaces. Also, they can be made using a renewable resource.

Our old favorite wooden spoon has been retired. While we tried to find replacements for it, many spoons came with bells that were supposed to enhance the design. Asymmetrical “corner” spoons were found, along with spoons having flat scraping tips that look like a shovel and spoons that have high sides that look like ice sticks. There are also spoons that can be mash-ups made with spoons and other tools, such as Scottish “spurtles”, which can be used to stir porridge, and “lazy” spoons (that perch at the edge of the pot). The price ranged from $4-$36 for 13 spoons. We purchased them in a variety of styles, made out of various materials such as bamboo, cherry, olive and beech woods.

To test their mettle, we used them all to make Indian-Style Curry with Potatoes, Cauliflower, Peas, and Chickpeas Weeknight Tagliatelle with Bolognese Sauce Classic Chewy Oatmeal Cookies . Additionally, lefties were asked to test their skills by using every spoon to break apart Italian sausages as they were browned in a hot skillet. Each cooking test was followed by a wash with hot, soapy, water. We then dried each spoon and looked at their condition, such as whether or not they had retained any odors. They were then put in the dishwasher 10x. We rated them on performance, ease of use, cleanup and durability.

We tested 13 models of classic and innovative wooden spoons, priced from about $4 to about $36. Many were sold in sets.

wooden spoons for cooking

Jonathan’S Spoons Spoons Spoonle and Faay 13.5″ Teak cooking spoon are two of the best wooden spoons.

There was no tie after testing. So we decided to choose co-winners. Jonathan’s Spoons Spootle is an innovative spoon design. He has a broad and thin edge like a spatula that makes scraping easier. Jonathan’s Spootle also features a large bowl for scooping. FAAY 13.5″ Teak Cooking Spoon, a classic wooden spoon that would be familiar to our grandmothers. Both the winners proved to be light and simple to operate without fatigue. Their heads included scooped bowls, thin front edges and scooped bowls which made for easy scraping and scooping. to the innovative model for the slightly easier scraping it afforded). Both models came with rounded handles, and the tops were flatter than the bottom. This design made it easy to use and comfortable to hold. Their length was long enough for us to use them as leverage, while keeping our hands away from hot pot surfaces. Both spoons felt sturdy and were easy to clean and their finishes stayed smooth and stain and odor-free after extensive testing. The Spootle by Jonathan’s Spoons is more expensive at $28, but the FAAY Teak Cooking Spoon costs less at $11. We’d be happy to reach for either one in the kitchen.

These old-fashioned kitchen tools are gaining all sorts of modern bells and whistles. Can any modernizations be made to this classic design?

wooden spoons for cooking

The 10 Best Wooden Spoons In 2022

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It is one of the most important cooking tools and an essential part of any kitchen. The benefits of cooking with spoons made from wood as opposed to metal or plastic are many: They won’t scratch pots and pans and are safe to use with nonstick surfaces, they won’t melt in boiling soups and stay cool to the touch even when left in a hot pot, and they’re strong and durable, sturdy enough to stir stiff batters and scrape cooked-on food from the bottom of a pot.

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Solid wood spoons must be cleaned by hand, since they may crack or fall if washed in a dishwasher. The simplicity of wooden spoons doesn’t make them all equal. You should look out for spoons made of thick hardwoods like walnut, olive and cherry. Also, make sure that the spoon isn’t prone to breaking apart.

Here, our picks for the best wooden spoons in several categories.

Our Top Picks Le Creuset Revolution Solid Wood Spoon at Wayfair This elegantly curved spoon, carved from solid beechwood, features a tapered handle that’s comfortable to hold.

Chef Craft Silicone Wooden Spoon at Amazon

This silicone-inset, rounded handle is great for stirring things.


wooden spoons for cooking

How is a Wooden Spoon a Great Cooking Utensil and What’s it all about?

Terhune is most impressed by a wooden knife’s durability.

Terhune says wooden spoons “are strong and sturdy which means that they are great for stirring thick mixes like cream puff paste, polenta and so on without breaking.” While wooden spoons have the strength to scrape the bottom, they’re soft enough not too damage the pan. This point leads to another one of a wooden spoon’s best qualities: it won’t damage your cookware.

“This is why they’re great for using non-stick pans,” she states.

A tip is to not use a knife or a fork on a nonstick skillet. Nonstick pans made of Teflon, a man-made chemical PTFE, are often nonstick. This could pose a risk to your health. You could get food poisoning from a metal utensil scratching the pan’s surface.

An important feature of wooden spoons or spatulas is their heat resistance.

“Wooden spoons don’t conduct heat as metal spoons do, and there is no risk of melting them.” In other words, wooden spoons won’t cause burns to your hands as you use them for stirring, just as metal spoons don’t conduct heat. Also, they aren’t likely to melt like plastic spoons.

wooden spoons for cooking

Wooden Spoons Are Safe?

The use of wooden spoons has been around for centuries. They began to decline in popularity during the 1990s due to bacteria and were replaced using cheaper plastics and more durable stainless steel. Research suggests that wooden spoons can be used in the kitchen.

Wood is porous and may absorb liquids from food. According to one study, those liquids as well as any bacteria that may be in the wood won’t get back on the surface of the wood after being absorbed by the cells. These bacteria don’t multiply, and they eventually die.

After cooking, wash a wooden spoon with hot soapy water to remove any bacteria. All bacteria and other residue on the spoon should be washed off.

If you want, you can also use a diluted bleach solution to disinfect your wooden spoons. For the removal of bacteria, restaurant owners use this process along with a high temperature dishwasher cycle. This step is unnecessary at home.

However, great things also come with caveats. A wooden spoon can become damaged by the drying process.

You don’t want food getting stuck in crevices or cracks. These signs can be dangerous and it is better to dispose of your spoons than to start over.

wooden spoons for cooking


The design of a wooden spoon’s handle is also important. It is important to find a grip that feels comfortable and allows for easy mixing of ingredients. Consider the length and shape of the handle. A spoon with a longer handle may be the right choice to use with deep mixing bowls or while cooking over high heat.

It is important to consider both the handle’s thickness and shape. Both will have an impact on how solid the spoon feels and how comfortable it is to hold. Some spoons made of wood have a more flat handle than others.

Make sure to determine if you want a hang-able handle. The hook design will allow you to hang the spoon from a hook, rather than keeping it in a drawer.

wooden spoons for cooking

Our Top Picks

We have compiled a list of some the most popular wooden spoons currently on the marketplace. These spoons come in many different designs to allow cooks to find the best one for their needs.

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Photo: amazon.com Check Latest Price

Made from teak wood, this NAYAHOSE kitchen knife set is handmade. There are six pieces included in the set. To ensure a comfortable grip, all utensils are smooth-finished with rounded handles. Each handle also has a hole at the end for hanging.

Nonstick cookware is safe for these utensils. They won’t mark or scratch surfaces. Because teak wood can be regenerated, they are non-toxic and eco-friendly. According to the manufacturer, handwash the utensils by using mild detergent. Then let them air-dry.

wooden spoons for cooking

1 – Wooden Cook Spoons are Gentle and Won’t Scratch

Metal spoons, which are non-wooden and not made of wood, can scratch the sides and bottoms of pots and pans more easily than wooden spoons. Nonstick surfaces are more problematic because food may stick to the surface, which makes it harder to cook and clean. It is possible to end up throwing away the pot or pan. The best way to ensure happy cooking is with wooden spoons.

2 – Use wooden spoons to make your dishes stronger. Anybody who has ever spent much time in the kitchen can tell you that elbow grease is often one of the most crucial ingredients. Good stirring, turning and scraping will give the food the proper attention it needs to produce balanced heat and flavors, particularly when sauces are involved. A wooden spoon gives you a solid handle that is easy to grip, which makes stirring much easier. You can also use it to scrape the bottom and sides of your pan.

3 – Wooden spoons don’t conduct heat When introduced to high temperatures, metal spoons can get really hot. Some plastic spoons melt. Wooden spoons won’t melt if they are heated. You can mix and stir to your hearts content with wooden spoons. You don’t need to be concerned about the spoon melting or burning if it is left in the saucepan for just a few minutes.

Four – Wooden spoons won’t react badly to food. The spoons made from wood are not reactive, meaning that they won’t react adversely with certain foods and leave a metallic, unpleasant taste like many metal spoons. The edges of plastic spoons will eventually begin to fall apart. These small pieces can end up in the bottom of your saucepan, making it less appealing. For preserving the integrity of any recipe there is no substitute except wooden spoons or wooden utensils.

5 – Wooden Spoons Will Not Change the Cooking Temperature If you cook something with precise temperature requirements, this can cause problems. You can ruin your dishes’ consistency, taste, or even cause them to be unpalatable. The wooden spoons can be insulated to protect delicate recipes and foods from sudden temperature swings.

6 – Wooden spoons won’t leach harmful chemicals Bacteria and germs are not huge fans of wood. By virtue of their natural germ-killing characteristics, wooden spoons offer greater safety than any other kind of spoon. However, you will want to ensure that your spoon is compliant with all FDA regulations. You won’t need to worry about any bad ingredients being brought into your home or to the table by a poorly made wooden spoon.

7 – Wooden spoons are great. There is nothing like the solid, durable and comfortable grip that a wooden spoon provides. This handle feels just right in your hand. You will find it more enjoyable to use. The grip feels almost like it is customized for your hands. This will enable you to cook faster and easier, while also enhancing your overall experience.

8 – A kitchen filled with wooden spoons looks beautiful. Beautiful, elegant, and timeless, they make an impression. Although decor is not the main purpose of wooden spoons, it’s a great way to add some flair to your cooking. Sometimes, the best set of wooden knives is what sets a wonderful kitchen apart from one that’s just okay.

9- Wooden Spoons are more sustainable. Wood is a renewable and natural resource. Woodenspoons are the ideal tool for eco-friendly cooking. Plus, when you buy a wooden spoon that isn’t made using harmful chemicals, you’re eliminating the possibility of those chemicals leaking into the environment-and your home.

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10. Wooden spoons sometimes retain flavor If your grandmother made tomato sauce for you, you might be able to recreate it with the same spoon. By consistently cooking the same recipe with the same wooden spoon, the wood may absorb the flavors of the dish and its ingredients. Many chefs believe this adds a magical, special quality to the dish. It also ensures the quality and taste of the food remain consistent. Also, this unique quality is what can turn a basic wooden spoon into an important family heirloom.

wooden spoons for cooking

Since 2010, Handcrafted in Red Lodge (Mt).

Earlywood began production in Montana’s Beartooth Mountains at the beginning of 2010. The company produces kitchen utensils with minimal design and durability. Each Earlywood product is made from only the best hardwoods in order to comply with strict, practical standards. Quality and function are at the helm of our product ethos guiding each decision we make. We believe simplicity is often better than complexity, regardless of whether we are considering different wood types, dimensions or lines.

My wooden spoons don’t look anything like wooden spoons. Wooden spoons were always made like wooden tablespoons. It’s absurd to think that wooden spoons can look like spoons.

Brad Bernhart is the founder and chief maker of Earlywood. Earlywood produces heirloom-quality wood kitchen utensils. Everything I do is of the highest quality, from wood choice to the design ideas I come up with. I will not allow anything to escape my control if it isn’t up to my standard.

I’m a mechanical engineer by trade and by train, when I design a product I start with a function that I want the product to be able to handle and I design around the function and whatever the product ends up looking like that’s what it looks like. As if I were cooking at home, I would try to look at the product from my analytical engineering perspective that I have accumulated over years as a designer engineer. This will let you see if the corners are sharp or not. Or how thick it is. There’s so much to consider. The products that I design and woods I choose are minimalistic. They have a tighter, straighter grain. Many are simple. Simple is the best.

My products have heirloom qualities in many ways. Their products will last for generations. That’s why I enjoy making durable products. Also, I understand how much people treasure a wooden spoon. And it’s like one of their favorite things in the kitchen. And I just love the idea that this stuff’s gonna be around that long, people are gonna love it that much. They are all just the original colors of Bloodwood, Mexican Ebony jatoba and Hard Maple. To enhance the wood’s natural color, I only use clear food-safe oil to soak them.

You know I feel really satisfied when I sell a spoon. That they have these items in their lives is a wonderful feeling.

Are Wooden spoons safe to use for cooking?

Research suggests that wooden spoons can be used in the kitchen. Yes. Wood has pores that can absorb oils and liquids. … Wash your wooden or non-wooden spoons with soap and warm water after you have cooked them.

Why do chefs avoid using wooden spoons

They are sturdy and can crack if exposed to heat for prolonged periods. The drying cycle, in particular, poses a threat to the longevity of a wooden spoon. Food particles can embed into the cracks, which can cause bacteria to grow.Apr 29, 2019

How do you choose the best wood for your cooking spoons?

The hardwood spoons of maple, olive, beech, and cherry are stronger than their pine counterparts and more likely to break. These materials will likely last a lifetime. Wooden spoons made from bamboo are also durable.

Which Kind of Wood is Best for Cooking Utensils

Hardwoods have the highest density and most durable woods for kitchen tools. Wood cooking tools can be made from many woods, such as cherry, poplar, soft maple and black walnut. You can also use other woods like the tallow tree, mesquite, Osage orange, or even pecan.Dec 13, 2020

.Wooden Spoons For Cooking

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