Best Stand Mixers

Best Stand Mixers

The Tests We Did

After scrutinizing the most popular models, we gave nine mixers the holiday treatment. It was like a big family would be coming to visit for dinner. Each machine was tested with the exact same buttercream frosting recipes, as well as a loaf of crusty bread and dried-apricot cookies.

The mixers ranged in price from $50 to $700, and their performance was as varied as you might expect. There were many design options and configurations to choose from, including bowl-lift and tilt-head mixers. The best part was that they came in all the colors we needed for frosting.

The ease with which a mixer was set up was important, as well as how it performed once you added ingredients. It also had to be easy to clean up the mess after use. The following criteria were used to evaluate each model.


Mixing paddle: We looked at how well it creamed butter and sugar, incorporated eggs and distributed chips and fruit in a white chocolate chip and dried apricot cookie dough.

Dough hook: We examined how quickly bread dough came together, the elasticity of the dough and the crumb and quality of the finished crusty boule.

Whisk: We used a buttercream frosting to test the ability to whip together ingredients to create a fluffy, smooth topping and the effectiveness of the pour shield or splatter guard.

How to get started. We looked at how difficult it was for attachments to be removed or used, and also how easy it was slide a bowl onto and off of a mixer.

Speed settings. While many mixers offer guidance on the best speed for each task, we looked at all possible speeds to determine if they were comparable.

Best Stand Mixers


Publited by KitchenAid. Shop the best stand mixers with these top-ten choices from KitchenAid. This time of year is a great opportunity to use stand mixers for delicious Christmas bakes. They also continue to feature at the top of any home baker’s wishlist for the holiday season, so if you want to buy a brilliant gift for an aspiring chef, look no further.

Our editors have tested many stand mixers and they are rated highly. You can click through to see complete stand mixer reviews for more detailed information on how they worked with cake batter, bread and cookie dough, and creamy buttercream frosting.

As you will see, there are many options for the Artisan.

Best Stand Mixers

What Should You Pay for the Best Stand Mixer?

(Image credit: Smeg). The very best stand mixers have a high price tag. While the top-of-the-line mixers in our guide are expensive, you can still find a good deal for as little as $100.

A lot of stand mixers come in at around $300. But if you really want a KitchenAid, the Classic Plus mixer is the best value.

The best hand mixer is a great option for those on a tight budget who want to replace their wooden spoon. It can make it easy to whip up icing or cake batter with no hassle.

Best Stand Mixers

Here are some things to consider when looking for the best stand mixer

Image credit: Future. The size of a mixer is important. There are some stand mixers with big mixing bowls. Others have tilt-head designs and won’t lift from under a cabinet. Others come with a more compact design, perfect for lifting into shelving units when not in use or leaving in a corner without losing a whole counter in your kitchen.

Even though looks matter less than power, a stand mixer can add style to any kitchen. Smeg and KitchenAid have the style edge, but it may be more expensive to get something with the same power level as the less costly option.

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The price of a stand mixer can be varied. You might spend up to $700 on a top-ofthe-range model. Some stand mixers will cost you less than $100 but are not as powerful or useful as the ones that you use for baking serious batches of bread. A good middle ground between power and price is the Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer, which lacks color options or classic style, but is a favorite with many home bakers and looks lovely too.

The right stand mixer is going to depend on how frequently you will use it and what your budget is. Some mixers come with handy add-ons such as pasta makers and meat grinders to ensure they’re used regularly, but others have detachable mix heads and emphasize their primary function as stand mixers, with compact storage options.

Constructed to Last One thing is for certain – you want a stand mixer that lasts. Some mixers come in durable plastic, but the best stand mixers have durable stainless steel finishes to make them last a lifetime.

Best Stand Mixers

These are our Top Picks for Mixer Stands

KitchenAid Artisan 5qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer The Modern Workhorse:

Hamilton Beach Electrics All Metal Stand Mixer

Regina Ragone of Food Network Kitchen tested a stand mixer. It is the kind of appliance that will make you feel like an ace in the kitchen. The stand mixer allows you to make all kinds of bread and cookies without having to do so much work. And although stand mixers seem to be synonymous with the KitchenAid brand, we tested some other quality models worth considering. These are the top stand mixers that we recommend for all types of baking projects.

This story has been updated in order to reflect changes in stock, color, or price.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Three full-size KitchenAid models were tested: the Classic, Artisan, and Pro Line. The Artisan was the most popular choice for everyday bakers.

With ease, the Artisan can make quality cakes and single batches of cookies as well as whipped cream. You will receive a 5-quart stainless-steel bowl with three attachments, a wire whip, flat beater and dough hook, as well as a pouring shield that helps to avoid dust clouding when flour is added.

Although it works well on egg whites and cookie doughs, we found that it did not work as well on whipped cream or heavier breads. We also noticed that the mixer was a bit noisy when the speed was increased. This model, like most stand mixers that we tried is tilt-head.

With more than 50 available color options, there are bound to be the model that suits your taste. (We observed that many models have been sold since March 2020 when the pandemic began. Currently Bed Bath & Beyond is the only retailer with a reliable stock of this model. Visit for the complete color listing.

Modern Workhorse Kenmore Elite Ovation 5Quart Stand Mixer Amazon

Best Stand Mixers

Our Selection

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5Quart Tilthead Stand Mixer The most versatile mixer, this classic mixer can be used for almost all types of recipes. It’s easier to use than many other tilt-head mixers, and is one of the quietest we tested.

$430 at Walmart. $430 at Home Depot. $430 @ Walmart. We have been using the KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart tilt-head stand mixer since 2013. It is the perfect tool for home cooks and bakers. It is strong enough to handle thick doughs, and light batters. The machine is easy-to-use and maintains its durability. KitchenAid makes accessories like a pasta machine and a meat grinder that can be used with the Artisan.

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Best Stand Mixers

The 5 Top Stand Mixers You Should Buy By 2021

Shop our top-tested stand mixers for making large or small batches of doughs, cookies, cakes and more.

This story was updated in December 2021, to reflect the current prices and ensure that all products were available. Additionally, our Best Large Stand Mixer pick was replaced by the Wolf Gourmet High Performance Stand Mixer. The Wolf Gourmet High Performance Stand Mixer was recently evaluated in the Good Housekeeping Institute Culinary Innovation Lab.

The electric mixer creates fluffy layers and smooth frosting for homemade pizza. The electric mixer is faster, and it’s easier on the arm. Mixing the ingredients in a stand mixer is faster and easier than whipping your whisk around endlessly. Stand mixers make it possible to accomplish other tasks, which is not the case with hand mixers. Some models come with stand mixer attachments, which can be bought separately and allow you to mince meat, spiralize veggies, or roll pasta.

Kitchen Appliances and Culinary Innovation Lab are long-term stand mixer reviewers. To put together this list of our top stand mixer recommendations, we spent more than 80 hours testing 13 models. Each stand mixer is tested by our professionals to determine its ability to mix cookie batter and cake batters, whip cream and make egg whites. The ease of use is also important. This includes how easily you can assemble your beaters and bowls, as well as how simple they are to clean.

Our picks include the top performers in our most recent Lab tests. Learn more about our top picks for stand mixers.

Best Stand Mixers

Here are 7 of the

How We Tested

“>Best Stand Mixers for 2021

Independently, our editors research and test the products to recommend them. You can read more about us. Purchases made through our links may result in us receiving commissions.

The Spruce Eats / Chloe Jeong Although you can mix batters and knead bread dough by hand, these tasks are much more efficient with an electric mixer. The power of some handheld mixers is not sufficient to handle thick doughs and whip out large amounts cake batter or cookie batter. You also have to keep them in one place, which can cause severe hand fatigue and arm pain. Stand mixers are a more efficient way of mixing and whipping up recipes.

With ease, stand mixers whip cream, beat egg yolks, cream sugar, butter, and make light and fluffy batters. A lot of stand mixers come with attachments for food processing such as pasta making, meat grinding and spiralizing.

These are the top stand mixers that will help you make whatever recipe you want.

Amazon’s top-rated KitchenAid 5-Quart stand mixer tilt-head at Amazon


Best Stand Mixers


Like the bowl size, you’ll want to scale the power of your stand mixer to the volume and type of projects you’ll be using it for. Although 250 watts is the minimum, there are mixers that can produce over 1000 watts. If you plan on mixing and whipping up lighter cake batters and liquids that don’t require a long mixing time, a lower wattage machine will get the job done.

A 325-watt motor, or more, will provide the necessary power to work with thicker cookies doughs and higher volume food items. A larger motor is better if you are planning to make heavy doughs regularly (bagels and pretzels as well as large batches of bread). You should shoot for a machine with a minimum of 6qt capacity that provides at least 500 watts of power. Remember that you might still have to finish the work of kneading your bread dough manually, even with a powerful mixer.

Like the size of the bowl, the advertised power can sometimes be misleading. Although mixers may boast a motor of 500 watts, they may require more energy to work than stand mixers with similar wattages. This is because the mixer draws less power from its bowl. While this is an excellent guideline, you should weigh all the features.

Best Stand Mixers

Nearly every stand mixer on the market has been tested by me. These 2 Mixers Are the Best for Home Cooks.

Updated Oct 25, 2020

A stand mixer is the best choice for baking if you are looking to take up this hobby or if you just want to make it more fun. (Pun intended!) (Pun intended!) Stand mixers are worth the cost and extra space. Who makes the best stand mixer out there?

KitchenAid’s stand mixer is the most obvious. However, while it may be the largest name in the business, it’s not the only one. You may find it confusing to select one model from the KitchenAid range. You are not sure which one you prefer.

After testing almost every stand mixer available, I can recommend the one that I like best. I also suggest a budget-friendly option if you are looking for a way to cut down on costs. Let’s get started.

KitchenAid Artisan series 5-Quart tilt-head stand mixer

Best Stand Mixers

The Best Stand Mixer: Kitchenaid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that KitchenAid is one of my favorite brands. The iconic design, as well as the wide range of gorgeous colors, make this machine highly sought-after. But it’s when the machine actually gets to work that it really shines. It is undoubtedly the stand mixer that’s most effective and fastest. Recently, I was able to use it to make whole-wheat bread dough. In just 60 seconds the dough had formed a ball and cleaned out the bowl. The egg whites were whippable to stiff peaks in the mixer much faster than any other brand. An almond chiffon cookie came out of oven more tall and lighter-textured.

KitchenAid’s Artisan, with its 5-quart bowl, tilt-head mixers are the most powerful and popular. It can handle the dough for nine-dozen cookies, four loaves of bread or seven pounds of potatoes.

It is compatible with all KitchenAid stand-mixers and has 10 speeds. There’s also a hub that can be used to attach any accessories, such as a shredder or slicer, which makes it versatile. The handle of the stainless-steel bowl features nylon coated nylon.

Second opinion. The mixer almost every Kitchn employee has at their home. We create the recipes on this website in our own kitchens, not in a fancy test kitchen. When we asked the staff to vote for the single best stand mixer for our Kitchn Essentials list, this was the unanimous winner.

Which Is Best Stand Mixer To Buy?

KitchenAid 5-Quart Artisan Series, Tilt-Head Mixer. Great stand mixer. KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer, 5-Quart. KitchenAid Professional 600 Serie 6-Quart stand mixer. Stand mixer best for large batches. Williams-Sonoma. … Cuisinart SM-50. Best affordable stand mixer.Nov 4, 2021

What kind of stand mixer does a professional chef use?

The most popular one sold by Everything Kitchens is the standard KitchenAid Professional 600, also known as the “Pro 6” Mixer. The mixer is equipped with a 6-qt stainless-steel bowl, pouring guard, flat beater and wire whip.

.Best Stand Mixers

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