Best Can Openers

Best Can Openers

Our Top Can Opener Picks:

Kitchen Mama Yes You Can Best Countertop Electric Can Opener:

The Best Manual Top-Cutting Machine:

Best Manual-Side-Cutting Opener:

Richmond Flores, Food Network Kitchen. While it’s tempting to assume that every can opener is a functional one, there are many. It’s not necessary to have a broken can opener or one that makes your can jump, slide or has a rough edge. There are many options available at very low prices. To find out the best can openers for different styles, we tried a number of them.

We need to first identify the types of can openers available. We tested motorized, manual, countertop and handheld openers, all of which were one of two distinct methods of opening: top-cut or side-cut (safety) openers.

Best Can Openers

Motorized Vs Handheld

Open cans by hand can require some strength. The motorized option is ideal for someone with restricted grip or dexterity. A compact manual can opener, which can be stored in a drawer, might make sense if storage space or counter space are a problem.


It is battery-operated as well as handheld, which initially caught our interest. While electric, we still found it to be compact and lightweight. It is larger than the average manual or handheld side-cutting can opener, but it works well and was very easy to use. Although it was easy to attach, the opener opened the can without any effort.

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Openinger with Simple Push Down Lever Amazon

While this was the biggest can opener we tested, we also found it to be the easiest to use justifying the amount of space it will take up on the counter. You can open the cans by using the side-cut method. This leaves no sharp edges. The appliance can be cleaned easily by simply wiping down the surface without removing any components. This electric opener is an excellent choice for those who want the convenience of an electric can opener with the storage space.

The Good Cook Will Open Amazon

The manual top-cutting opener that this opener offered was the fastest and most efficient. It was also compact. It was also very easy to use, which makes this a useful tool and a convenient one to keep in your pocket. The can opener is not dishwasher-safe, but it has very few moving parts that make cleaning easy.

OXO Steel Can Opener Amazon

The soft-grip handles made the can opener easy to use and comfortable. A classic top-cutting opener for cans that opens well, provided it is properly maintained (hand washed only). They will last a lifetime.

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Best Can Openers

According to our Tests, these are the top 7 can-openers

The best products are chosen by our editors who independently test and review them. Learn more about the. On purchases from the links we have chosen, commissions may be earned.

Julie Laing, The Spruce Eats Even if fresh meat and vegetable are your mainstay, there will be times when you need canned food.

This is probably the best can opener, as it is simple and easy to use. It easily fits in a countertop holder, utensils drawer, or countertop holder. A twisting motion may not be something you love so an electric opener could work best for you. It really comes down to personal preference. Although this kitchen tool might seem simple compared with other tools, some include extra-useful functions to allow you to open and remove lids easily.

To help find the best can opener for your kitchen, we tested them out at home and evaluated each on design, performance, ease of use, cleaning, and overall value. Dozens of various-sized cans containing soup, tuna, and more were opened to make sure these options are undoubtedly the best, and if they featured a magnet for fetching lids, the effectiveness of that was tested, too.

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Behold, our list of the best can openers, according to our at-home testing.

Best Can Openers

5 Best Electric Can Openers Of 2021

These tools are great for lifting heavy containers.

Can openers that are electric make it safer to open cans. This can be especially helpful to those who have limited hand mobility and arthritis. You will find the best models have an easy-to-attach and take off lever, which is good for cleaning. They also come with a strong magnet that can hold the can. There’s also an automatic shutoff to prevent you from having to constantly monitor cutting and to reduce the chance of metal fragments getting into your food.

The Good Housekeeping Institute has been testing cooking tools for decades. To review the best-selling electric can-openers on the market, we looked for practical features such as retractable power cords or automatic shutoff. We tested each model by opening the three most common sized cans: 6-ounce (like tomato paste), 15-ounce (like beans and other canned vegetables), and 32-ounce (large cans of tomatoes).

Along with ease of use we also checked for tipping, spillage and cleanness. Below are our top picks for electric can openers. They include plug-in models which hold the cans suspended in air, for easy opening and battery-operated models that attach to the can.

Top Value Electric Can Opener:

Best Handheld Electric Can Opener:

Best Can Openers

The Tests

Our test methods were very simple. We tested each opener with three kinds of cans. They had different sizes and shapes. I timed how long each opener took to open each can and took into consideration the ease and feel of the process as a whole. Is the opener still attached to the can? Can it be turned easily? Did it leave our hands sore? How messy or difficult was removing the lid at the end? How sharp was the edge? For weeks, I smelt a mixture of tomato sauce and tuna fish to find out the answer.

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar We opened dozens and dozens of cans from 4-ounce tuna cans to 48-ounce chicken broth cans to find the best openers With such a variety of openers being tested, I also considered that durability, portability, and ease of use would vary by category. The traditional openers last longer than the safety openers as they cut through more metal. While fixed openers generally have a shorter life span due to their lack of moving parts, fixed openers usually live for more time.

Best Can Openers

How do I choose which can opener?

A traditional can opener, one you may be most familiar, is attached to a can’s edge and makes a cut through the lid. Safety openers, on the other hand allow for the blade to slice through the lid of cans near the top. This allows the can to be separated into two parts with smooth edges. Traditional openers are more durable and efficient than safety openers because cans come with thinner sides than the lids.

Credit: Jackson Ruckar. The safety lid of a safety can opener goes around the outside of the can instead of at the top. We recommend them for everyone, but safety openers can be a good option if sharp edges are an issue. You might have concerns about potential injuries if your dog tries to get in your garbage and clean it. For this article, we tested both safety and conventional can openers so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

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Best Can Openers

If You Like Form Over Function

Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opening

Photo taken by Laura Murphy/Consumer Reports. Photo credit to Laura Murphy/Consumer Reports. Price: $48.45.

Bed Bath & Beyond – Best Buy Cuisinart Home Depot

What we loved: The Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener is by far our favorite. It’s also the quietest.

While stainless steel looks nice and will keep the machine from rusting over time, Consumer Reports warns that it is not guaranteed.

Our disappointment: Although this was the least expensive opener, we were disappointed with the performance. It relies on a magnet, rather than a grip, to hold onto the can as it cuts, and we had a little difficulty making the cans attach at first.

This cuts around the top of the container, and not just the sides, creating dangerous edges. I have seen other can openers do the same thing, cutting around the lid to leave a secure, non-threatening top.

You need to clean the blade, which can be removed because it cut into the container. While it may seem that the removable blade is convenient for cleaning, it took a little finagling to reattach.

In the end, we thought this opener would be best for people who care more about how it looks than how it operates.

Best Can Openers

Best Can Opener Of 2021

We tested can openers from Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and others to determine the best models Jackie Kearney Review Editor Nov 21, 2021 Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. It is only possible to make money by purchasing products through the links. No freebies are accepted from manufacturers.

Looking for the best can openers? After researching the market, we chose 10 top-rated models to test and compare. There are many models to choose from, including traditional and innovative, as well as electric and manual. We then tested them and evaluated their quality, usability, design, functionality, styling, footprint, and durability. To determine how cans perform across different consumer requirements, we opened more than 100 cans in all sizes and shapes. We have developed a customized recommendation based on your needs after many hours of testing and measuring.

This review will look at the most popular can opener designs, including electric, manual and full-size. A can opener is also useful for preparing canned foods. High quality food processors are a worthwhile investment to make fast work of cutting vegetables and making dip from beans. Our food storage review can help you organize your meals better. With our extensive evaluations of can openers and other kitchen appliances, we hope to help you save time and effort when making and using prepared food. Editor’s note: This review was updated on November 21st 2021. It contains more information about how and why we evaluated the can openers.

Best Can Openers

You can power through your pantry with the Best Manual Can Openers

You can trust these models to have your back.

Shop can opener is the key to unlocking a treasure trove of ingredients, from coconut milk and fire-roasted chilis to artichoke hearts and whole-kernel corn. While it can seem strange to have a tool that only serves one purpose in the modern age of multipurpose appliances it’s essential. Are you able to open cans with one tool only? It’s very difficult, and potentially unsafe, too.

Although there are many can openers available on the marketplace today, the most reliable and durable models are the manual ones. They should also smoothly pop open tins of all sizes without putting too much pressure on your hands. To help you sort through the many options available, we asked a couple of canned goods experts. Read on to shop their selections for the ones that will have your back, can after can.

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SwingAway Portable Opener ZYLISS Can Lift Handheld OXO Can Grips Smoothed Edge Opener Joseph Joseph Joseph Can Do Compact Can Opener

Best Can Openers

How do you remove rust off a manual opening can?

Dennison recommends using vinegar to clean rust off a manual opener. Dennison claims, “It will come back as new!” Rinse off the vinegar with warm water and dish soap, then dry the can opener with a clean towel.

Which is the most effective way to clean a manual opener?

Dennison recommends washing a manual can opener by hand with warm soapy water. Her advice is to always rinse out detergent suds and let dry. Dennison says that can openers which release lids easily and don’t get in the way of food should not be washed.

All products are independently chosen and reviewed by editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

Best Can Openers

Others can openers that we’ve tried

The Williams Sonoma manual can opener was a close second to the OXO model in our most recent testing. This can opener has comfortable rubber-coated handles that are easy to grip and a convenient turn key. However, the price is $3-$5 higher than our winning models. That difference could still be used to purchase a great new paring knife. However, it was difficult to manipulate and would sometimes spin when clipped onto the can. A quick browse of Amazon reviews shows many other people had the same issue.

Fissler is Cook’s Illustrated’s most popular can opener. We liked it because of its sharpness and effectiveness. This safety opener features blades at each end and a metal bars that hold the can up. It is a great design, we have tried many models of it. You can turn it easily with the extra-long crank, which is bent so that your thumbs fit. And rather than handles that you clamp together, this model only has one long handle. You can remove the lid by simply removing the metal bar from the sides of the opener. Also, this opener is made with high-quality material. However, at $37 on Amazon, we didn’t think its significantly higher price was worth it, since the OXO can openers worked just as well for a lower price.

Rosle also enjoyed this Rosle opener. The safety opener is attached to the top, not the sides of the can. It’s the most beautiful model of all of our models, featuring a clean, industrial design (although I would not consider this a significant quality in something as utilitarian and useful as a can opener). The heavy-duty, premium metal construction makes it durable. The crank has a thumb-friendly bend to make it easy to turn. You can use it with ease and precision. The can opener cost too much to be considered as a leading contender. It’s not worth the cost of can openers when they’re very affordable.

Zyliss Safety Can Openers were liked by us as well, however they were more bulky and had lower-quality plastics than some other models.

Finally, we tried several can openers from Kuhn Rikon , a company that makes one of our favorite peelers . These openers were complicated and hard to operate in general. (At some point, I even had to read through the directions!)

.Best Can Openers

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