What Is Cooking Cream

what is cooking cream

Philadelphia is a “Cooking Creme”, but what the heck?

published Mar 21, 2011 Save Faith Durand It’s not sour cream. It’s not whipping cream. It’s not cream cheese. You see it everywhere, including in commercials and on grocery cooler shelves. Coupons are waving above smartly-colored tubs. What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is “cooking creme”?

Ads for cooking creme caught my eye while I was exercising at the gym. It claimed to be able to prevent me from getting “chicken fatigue.” When I got home, it was next to my cream cheese. I saw, not to my surprise, that the ingredients were not exactly confined to pure dairy. The ingredients were made up of cheese culture, whey protein concentrates, tapiocastarch, gums and sugar. You can also find the stuff in several other flavors such as “southwest”. Philadelphia introduced this “cooking crème” with fireworks, huge marketing budget, and lots of advertising. The creamy, creamy version of cream-cheese is meant to be mixed into baked and sauteed recipes. Philadelphia and Kraft Foods are putting major money behind this product, as they told Advertising Age: “We’re going big. It has a massive marketing campaign against it. Kraft Foods Launches Philadelphia Cooking Creme at Advertising Age. But even a large advertising budget can’t address my profound ambivalence over this “cooking cream.” Easy weeknight meals, and meal aids that are quick and easy to prepare, I don’t mind. I embrace them, in fact. To dress up cheap weeknight meals, I keep a variety of staple ingredients in my pantry: canned tuna, cane tomatoes, whole milk ricotta and canned tomatoes. My skepticism is not fueled by the convenience that the “cooking crème” offers. It is the marketing cynicism that drives this product’s popularity, which implyes that cooks require the most simplified, dumbed down product. (“Cooking creme”?! You can’t think of any more condescending and pretentious title. Not even “cooking cream”?) Advertising campaign insulting and demeaning.

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You can’t go wrong with simple and well-known dairy products that only contain real milk. Cream cheese, cream fraiche and even cream cheese are all good options. It’s amazing to me how much effort and money went into creating this fake product.

What do you think about this stuff? What are your thoughts? Do you think my concerns are justified? People, it is hard to sell cream cheese, cream fraiche or plain old cream.

.What Is Cooking Cream

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