Cooking Oil Spray Bottle

cooking oil spray bottle

How to use an oil spray bottle

These olive oil spray bottle are a popular choice for kitchen equipment because of their simplicity. This compact and portable model has stainless steel construction. A large button makes it simple to apply the desired amount of oil. It also has an interior nozzle that’s hidden beneath a thoughtful cap to keep dust, germs and kitchen grime out. The transparent design makes it easy to see when you need refill it.

The oil spray bottle’s most widely used purpose is to apply cooking oils. Reviewers however love using it with flavor-enhancing liquids such as specialty vinegars and soy sauce. A reviewer mentioned that the bottle is used behind her bar in order to add citrus flavorings to homemade cocktails. This canister has many useful uses. A small funnel with which you can fill it makes it simple to refill.

James Schend, Taste of Home’s Deputy Culinary Editor, says that you can use any oil in the pot. “I like to put a rosemary-flavored oil in it and spritz it over salad or other dishes for a quick pop of flavor. You should also have an oil mister if your oven has an oil fryer. Many manufacturers advise that you use oil misters rather than canned oils sprays.

cooking oil spray bottle

These are the 8 best oil sprayers in 2022

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Even though a bottle of great olive oil equipped with a pourer will be sufficient to get through most of the cooking challenges you face, an oil sprayer is a valuable addition to your kitchen. Why? The oil sprayer does exactly what its name suggests. This device mists oil evenly over food and doesn’t pour out large amounts of it. You won’t be using too much of the cooking oil that you have, making it more affordable and easier to use. An oil mister looks great on the counter, as it stores your oil in an attractive and manageable container. Do you think this is something you should have?

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These are the top oil sprayers for any cooking oil. Our Top Picks Misto oil sprayer at Amazon. This BPA-free mister deposit fine drops of oil, so your food receives the finest and most consistent oil coating.


cooking oil spray bottle

We need to have supplies

The recipe is easy and only requires two ingredients (or three, if you add water).

Your choice of oil for cooking – Here is your chance to choose what oil you would like to make your spray. You can see that I used good quality olive oils in the video. Avocado oil, flaxseed or fractionated oil could be used. However, regular coconut oil will solidify at room temperature.

A Spray Bottle – I like using an amber glass spray bottle , but I recently found these spray bottles from Lehman’s that I’m excited to try because I can tell if my oils are mixed up well before spraying, and they come with little bands so you can label which oil is in the bottle (avocado, olive, peanut, etc.). There’s also this spray bottle, which is an excellent non-aerosol option to the supermarket-bought cooking oils.

cooking oil spray bottle

Evo is a Revolution in Everything

Evo Oil Sprayer uses an innovative trigger to allow for virtually aerosol-free, high quality atomization. Evo Oil Sprayer can dispense 1/4 teaspoon per trigger pull. This allows for portion control and recipe consistency. Evo sprays in either a vertical, or horizontal line. This allows for a wide coverage.

The Evo Non Aerosol oil sprayer can be used to spray any type of cooking oil, vinegar or other chemicals in an attractive fan shape.

It is BPA-, Latex-, and DEHP free; it won’t clog, shatter, or splinter; cost effective, reusable, and recyclable.

This product consistently dispensates 1/4 teaspoon per trigger draw; the fan pattern is unique and covers more of your cooking surface with less oil. Perfect for portion control.

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Healthy meals can be prepared with less oil. It is great for vegetable and olive oils, as well as peanut or sesame oils.

The twist-on funnel makes it easy to fill and refill. It’s also more economical than aerosol spray. Hand wash bottle and sprayer

Evo Oil sprayer

cooking oil spray bottle

Cooking spray alternatives

It doesn’t matter if you don’t possess a spray can or cooking spray; you may still be able to use oil. This will usually work instead of a spray.

Grease a baking pan with a very small amount oil. Use a spatula or flat cooking spoon to evenly spread the oil over your baking dish.

To lightly coat your vegetables before roasting, you can use a smaller amount of oil to toss them in a large bowl. Then, transfer them to a baking tray.

If it’s meat, like a chicken breast or steak, that you were going to spray, try pouring a small amount of oil into a separate bowl or dis. Apply the oil to your meat using a brush.

cooking oil spray bottle


You can make your own olive-oil cooking spray. It is much easier than it seems. You only need a spray bottle with a good seal and some olive oil.

It is best to use a spray can that has been designed for oil use. But, it’s possible to make your own 50/50 mixture with oil and water. Before each use, shake the spraycan well.


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cooking oil spray bottle

Tips For Deciding What Sprays Are Best:

Avoid pressurized and canned propellant oil oils, as well as oil pump oil with propellants. The chemicals used in propellant pump and sprays are not good for your health. When heated to high temperatures, propellant oils are known to cause your basket’s interior to crack. It has been shown by people in our Facebook air fryer clubs air fryerworld groups that the propellant sprays can cause the basket’s lining to peel.

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You can save money by buying a quality pump spray or oil spritzer. This will save you time and money as well. This can be used for any type of cooking, not only for air fryer cooking.

We have found that the pump-style bottle sprayer works well. It doesn’t get clogged up as often as some other brands, is easier to use and looks more elegant. Though it doesn’t hold as much oil and you’ll need to pump it before spraying, it’ll look nicer on your counter for those who love design.

We LOVE these Evo Oil Sprayers . Although they are not beautiful, these sprayers can be used to spritz oil. These bottles don’t block like cheaper ones. You can find many different types of bottle, but all appear to have the exact same spray head. Sprays well and is easily dispersed. This spray is an absolute favorite in our kitchen, and it’s great for grilling.

Blue 16oz. Evo Oil Sprayer

Caution purchase: Quite a few brands of the “misters and sprayers” that we’ve bought from high end kitchen stores can be seem good at first, but nearly every one of them began to clog up over time even with proper maintenance. These that we’ve recommended above have worked for us with regular use for at least a couple years (the Evo brand we’ve had for even longer, several years).

It is also important to think about how fine or coarse the spray is. Some sprays work well for BBQ but too heavy for airfrying. Other sprays will need too much oil and require too many pumps.

.Cooking Oil Spray Bottle

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