Cooking Classes San Diego

cooking classes san diego

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“Teri was a fabulous cooking instructor. She was very flexible. She was willing to do whatever it took to help you. The teacher was extremely responsive and easy to work with. Teri was a great instructor. The class was very small. The class required everyone to wear masks, and to take home the meals after it was over. Teri was a great instructor and we felt safe participating in this cooking class. It was also a fun way to learn new skills, as well as having fun cooking together. She was always funny, knowledgeable, and skilled. The teenagers loved cooking with Teri and are willing to do it again. Teri was outstanding! Highly recommend! Check out more customer reviews.

cooking classes san diego

How Much Are Cooking Classes In San Diego?

For one, a cooking class in San Diego costs between $70-$90. The cost of a cooking class in San Diego will vary depending on which type of cuisine and what class you select. The following factors can impact the price:

Culinary school

Type of food being made

The length of the class

Count of classes


There are also some culinary classes that offer extras. For example, a lot of couples cooking classes in San Diego come with a glass of wine to add to the whole “date-night” feel, which can take the price to over $100. You can get discounts up to 70% with our specials

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cooking classes san diego

Which cooking classes are best for couples?

Cooking classes can be great for both you and your significant others. It will be a great way to bond and learn together. You can also enjoy a special romantic meal afterward. Additionally, the moments can be recreated at home whenever you desire.

We have some of the best offers for couples in San Diego cooking classes:

Parioli Italian Bistro

. This romantic restaurant will teach you how to make classic Italian dishes under the guidance of professional chefs. Then, relax with a glass and enjoy your masterpieces.

CocuSocial Nothing is more romantic than creating and tasting your mouthwatering macarons as a couple – like the one you will find in this French cooking class.

cooking classes san diego

What are the benefits of hiring Artful Chefs for mobile cooking classes?

We bring the joy to you

San Diego’s culinary courses in Orange County and San Diego are unlike others because they don’t take place at speciality kitchens. We do not use expensive equipment nor are we attempting to sell you their stock. Our sole purpose is to teach you how to cook while entertaining you!

All these recipes can be prepared in your home kitchen using familiar kitchen supplies. This program is led by personal chefs with extensive culinary training. You can be sure that your loved ones are safe by learning from our Certified Food Safety Managements. You can choose from one of our mobile cooking classes. We will bring it to you!

Please call us now at 760-419-44609

cooking classes san diego

Our San Diego Mobile Cooking Classes Offer:

San Diego and Orange County Mobile Cooking Classes Our mobile cooking classes bring the excitement to your home!

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Experience a professional commercial kitchen in North San Diego County with a group of 10, or more.

Menus for Advanced Techniques Classes

Exclusive mobile cooking classes and parties in your house or at a venue

Rehearsal Parties, Bridal Showers, and More

Corporate team-building events

Mobile Cooking Class Jr. Children’s and Teen Chef Parties

Personalized Gift Certificates

Each instructor is hand-picked by Chef Pharrell for their culinary skills and their unique teaching style. Although we will focus on simple recipes that can be recreated with common equipment, all supplies are provided so you’re fully prepared. The classes provide a fun and interactive cooking experience that you can share with your guests. As you prepare the meal together, we will share the results of our efforts. You and your guests may then share the recipes with their friends so that you can make it again.

Our San Diego mobile cooking classes are hands-on and last between 2.5 to 4 hours depending upon the level of difficulty. Below are some examples of the most requested options. You aren’t sure which class interests you the most? You can ask us to help you choose the right class for your group. Perhaps you are looking for an alternative to the one listed below? Get in touch with us. We love customizing events. Warning: These descriptions can cause your mouth to water.

cooking classes san diego

Skills Covered:

Skills in basic knife and wok techniques, Asian sauces, sushi rolling, rice perfection.

This is a 2.5 hour class and is perfect for a family event.

Optional add-ons

Classic table setting and napkin folding: $50 per participant

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For an elegant dinner, learn how to place the tables! The course covers three different fancy napkin folds using cloth napkins. It also covers how to set the table for a three-course meal with silverware and china.

1/2 -hour session Knife Skills: $5 per participant

Adds to any class. Covers basic knife safety and sharpening with the stone. Also covers three knife cuts.

The cost of grocery shopping is not included in class prices. After you place your reservation and choose a menu, we will provide you with a grocery list to use.

You are ready to make your booking? Call us at We would love to help you organize your San Diego mobile culinary classes, parties or events.


cooking classes san diego

It Works

Our classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced cooks.

In-person cooking lessons online where you can prepare authentic Thai food

Our in-person lessons are only offered in the Greater San Diego area. You will receive fresh ingredients, as well as the tools necessary to prepare a delicious Thai meal at home.

We offer online lessons from anywhere within the US. You can have fresh ingredients delivered right to your home if you’re located within the Greater San Diego region. For those outside San Diego, we can only provide non-perishable products that are suitable for shipping long distances. We will email a list of ingredients to purchase and prepare before your class.

Call 760-705-8424 or email [email protected] to be sure we serve your area!

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