Cooking Merit Badge Worksheet

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cooking merit badge worksheet

Cooking Merit Badge Activity Planner

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The most popular outdoor activity is camping, but cooking can also be done. You should take time to prepare, practice and plan. There is nothing like after a hard day’s adventure then to sitdown afterwards to enjoy a great meal that you prepared yourself.

Cooking Merit Badge

Youth Lead Patrol Activities Here are a few tips to help the patrol leader

Scouts cannot add to or subtract from actual merit badge requirements

This Planner offers just one suggestion for different ways to make the Merit Badge more fun.

It is not required to complete the Worksheet in order for you earn your badge. But it may help you gain key concepts and track your progress.

– 14 tips for a successful patrol activity. Take the time to review your plan before you make any decisions.

Sharing Your Plan: Meet with parents, your troop leaders and, especially, the Merit Badge Counselor to discuss the plan. Modify the plan as you need.

cooking merit badge worksheet

Cooking Virtual Merit Badge Fall 2020

Enjoy a $25.00 – Free Gift! We’re pleased to present the Cooking merit badge for this fall.

Classes will be offered on the following days and times:

Mondays from 7-8 PM, November 16th through November 23rd. November 29th and November 30th.

Click on the below worksheet to see more information about the badge.

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After the class ends, advancement will be sent electronically for each merit badge. The Blue Card will not be sent to you in a printed form. Please ensure that you have signed the authorization form with your Unit Leader before starting the class.

On November 9th, registration opens at 9:00 AM.

You will receive a zoom link 48 hours prior to the start of the first class.

This class is free, but donations to the council would be appreciated.

Revised 11/5/20 + Google Calendar + iCal Export

cooking merit badge worksheet

Ocotillo District Merit Badge Center January Cooking

Topic:Cooking (Required) Counselor: Gary Smith Contact Information: [email protected] Prerequisites: At minimum complete as many of the requirements beginning with #1 through #4 Cooking at Home.

Refer to the merit-badge workbook PDF. Complete the merit-badge worksheet PDF.

The Merit Badge Completion class: It is likely that this class will lead to a partial. However, it is possible to get a completion if the scout has completed in advance all three of the cooking requirements listed in the merit badge book: #4c and 4d; #5d and 5e; and 6d, and has completed a worksheet for all other requirements #1 through #7.

Fee: $0. Scouts are required to provide “ALL” the ingredients necessary for the preparation of #5d and #5e. The Scout must also bring all cooking tools (for example, spoons and spatulas as well as pans and foil) that are needed to cook and serve the three meals.

Additional Information: Requirement #5 Camp Cooking will receive a Cooking Merit Badge 100%. Each meal will require a different method of cooking than the one required in requirement 3. Cook a third dish using either a Dutch oven or foil packet OR kabobs. Prepare a dessert and snack, and then serve it to your patrol members.

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Four two burner, propane cook stoves, fire wood, charcoal and 5 Dutch Ovens will furnished. All cooking and the Cooking merit badge class will take place outside at the Goldsmith Center. For those who wish to cook with firewood, there is a heated open pit that can be lit.

.Cooking Merit Badge Worksheet

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