Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder Review

Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder Review

kitchenaid burr coffee grinder review

Equipment Review: Kitchenaid Burr Grinder

Pros: In keeping with the classic KitchenAid ethos, this coffee grinder’s strong and handsome construction paired with its simple operation makes for a compelling combination.

Cons: In various scenarios, grinding consistency, ground retention, static, or noise may all prove problematic.

MSRP: $249.99 – How to Interpret Equipment Ratings

Reviewer’s Take:

The KitchenAid Burr Grinder is a strong case because of its solid construction, simple functionality, and quality materials. It will make any coffee fan’s life easier. Its wide grind adjustment knob moves in satisfying clicks and there’s a refreshing simplicity to its screenless, analog operation. This sturdy, diecast-metal hopper is finished in various glossy finishes. Its good looks are further enhanced by its clear, thin-walled, glass grounds jar.

Particle-Size Consistency. KitchenAid grinder shares some similarities with the Mahlkonig Professional EK43 grinder. KitchenAid Burr Grinder, though, is far more efficient than its near-mythic capability to create a consistent grind.

KitchenAid provides only 15 clicks to adjust the grind setting, which is far less than most grinders that offer this many. You can adjust the KitchenAid’s full range of grind settings by taking out the knob. Then, turn an interior adjustment wheel counterclockwise to get the burrs in direct contact. To find the zero point, click on the adjustment knob and then back off one click before replacing the outer knob. If you want to use the machine for espresso, then this is what the manufacturer advises. This grinder does not work well for espresso at both the factory and finer settings. The machine grinds espresso finely enough, but backing away by one click is too rough. The espresso grinder does not have enough options to allow for the required fine-tuning in particle size.

kitchenaid burr coffee grinder review

Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder Review – Blade Or Burr to Make Coffee Grounds

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In terms of quality, blades are almost always superior to burrs when it comes down to the debate about burrs versus blades. The answer may also come down to price if you consider it in terms of quality. Kitchenaid provides both quality coffee grinders. But which one should I choose?

If you can afford it, and have the means, quality is always better. Burr grinders produce better coffee every time. Kitchenaid Blade grinder can be excellent, however, this Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder review will focus on the burr grinder.

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Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder has a strong, sturdy design that is very expensive. You can expect to pay around $200 for this unit, and it is often on sale. If you keep an eye out, you may be able to snag it for an impressive price.

Kitchenaid Burr Grinder was, naturally, inspired by its hugely-popular line of stand mixers. It looks like a strange combination between a stand mixer and a propeller plane, but it’s a piece of countertop eye candy nonetheless. This model is one of the most distinctive and beautiful coffee grinders you’ll find.

kitchenaid burr coffee grinder review

Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder Review: An Exceptionally Consistent Grinder With Ease And Style

Now you have decided that you want a coffee grindr. First of all, there are two kinds: burrs grind and blades. This grinder almost only has a burr grind. The price is better for blade grinders. KitchenAid offers the two coffee grinders for an exceptional price. Next, you will need to decide which one and why KitchenAid.

KitchenAid’s burr grinders offer both budget and quality. A burr grinder is better for consistency, cup quality and durability. We are pleased to present this KitchenAid KCG8433BM reviews.

KitchenAid KCG8433BM Burr Coffee Grinder, 10 oz, Black Matte

70 Precision Settings to find the right grind for you – From coarse for Cold Brew or French Press to fine for Espresso. Simple icons that show the reference brew technique allow you to quickly match the grinder size and the brew mode.

Automatic Smart Dosing Technology is used to automatically select cups or shots. The grind-time can be adjusted in accordance with grind size and brew method for precise dosing.

A built-in adjustable portafilter holder that can be used to directly grind into either 54 or 58 mm portafilters. This is ideal for making espresso.

Anti-Static Technology reduces static charges for clean, consistent coffee grinds with less mess.

kitchenaid burr coffee grinder review

A Comprehensive Review of The Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder and No Bs Buyer’S Guide

Additional features and stylish looks are great for burr grinders. However, what is most important to you are your burr grind’s quality build and its smoothness at different settings.

Providing a perfect and consistent grind across the range of options from coarse to fine is easier said than done.

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When you’re ready to pay serious money for top-of-the-line equipment, there’s nothing worse than finding out the machine you’ve purchased isn’t capable of handling your favorite coffee beans.

KitchenAid coffee grinder reviews. Here’s a breakdown of how the grinder performs for personal or professional purposes.

kitchenaid burr coffee grinder review

Kitchenaid Kcg0702Er Burr Grinder Review

Kitchenaid Kcg0702Er Burr Coffee Grinder, Empire Red Buy On Amazon

This review is designed to guide people in their search for the perfect burr grinder that will meet all of their coffee-grinding needs.

This detailed review will examine the KitchenAid KCG0702ER Burr Grinder’s pros and cons. It is designed to help you decide if this grinder is right for you.

The KitchenAid KCG0702ER Burr Grinder is elegant and will make your kitchen the centerpiece of the room.

kitchenaid burr coffee grinder review

But!! !

While searching for this coffee grinder, I discovered a large, complex family tree made up of different coffee grinders by the same manufacturer. Listen closely as we investigate this matter with our coffee sleuthing. The model should not be confused with the KitchenAid Artisan burr Coffee Grinder.

This is, apparently, also the result of the KitchenAid Pro Line Series Burr Coffee Mill, which was almost identical but has been discontinued.

These coffee grinders are both very similar so if you are thinking of purchasing either of them, just know that this review is looking specifically at the KCG0702ER, not one of its relatives.

We are not yet certain of the paternity or gender of KCG0702ER. However, if we have flashbacks or dreams, we’ll let you know.

The dynasty is over. Now let’s take a closer look at KCG0702ER.

Made from solid steel, it is sturdy and beautiful. You can choose from stunning colors like “empire”, “contour”, or “onyx” to match any color scheme.

It’s not wise to base your long-term relationships on the looks of someone, as anyone who’s ever met anyone for their looks should understand.

kitchenaid burr coffee grinder review

Do I need the Kitchenaid kcg0702Er?

KitchenAid’s Coffee Grinder is the perfect piece of equipment if you are looking to impress your friends and family. As I’ve said already, its sleek and beautiful. Available in three colors: “contour silver”, “onyx dark”, and “empire rouge”. If you’re going for the full blown WOW factor, going for the “empire” red one is the obvious choice.

The machine looks great and is extremely durable. It produces consistent and decent results in all ranges of grinds. You can put anything into the grinder: drip filter, French press or espresso. At this price range, it’s an excellent choice for all coffee lovers , especially beginners who don’t want to spend too much but still want to impress.

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Amazon offers the KitchenAid KCG0702ER Burr Coffee Grinder for sale. You can find more information about the product here.

kitchenaid burr coffee grinder review

Verdict of the Coffee Barrister [Conclusion]

As judge, juror, or just as the sole contributor to this review, I rate the KitchenAid KitchenAid KC0702ER Burr Coffee Grinder 4.5 stars. It looks incredible. The burr grinder looks amazing, produces consistent grinds, is very easy to operate, and even comes with extra accessories. This grinder is an excellent choice for beginners, considering all of its features and price.

Although I think it won’t happen, (I’ve yet to make any dent in any coffee machine), you should be careful around the grinder or else you could end up breaking your glass.

Grinding at a controlled rate with 15 grind settings is possible for better grind consistency and lower grind temperatures.

These stainless steel cutting tools offer great durability and performance.

7 oz. Glass bean hopper with grind jar reduces static buildup of coffee grounds.

Are The Kitchenaid Coffee Grinders Good?

Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder, a heavy-duty coffee grinder with a robust design is quite expensive. This coffee grinder is functionally the same as other grinders, except for its unique design and high-quality steel construction.

Which Burr Coffee Grinder Does The Best Job?

TOP PICK: Baratza Vioso Plus.BUDGET CHOICE: Bodum Bistro Electric Burr coffee Grinder.BEST ESPRESSO GRINDER : Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder. BEST ALL ROUNDER : Breville Smart Grinder PRO.

What are the Top 10 Coffee Grinders of All Time?

  1. Baratza Encore Electric Grinder.
  2. KRUPS Precision Grinder
  3. Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr coffee grinder with digital timer display
  4. Breville Smart Grinder Pro.
  5. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Integrated Scale.
  6. La Marzocco Lux D Coffee Grinder.

Is A Cheap Burr Grinder Worth It?

An inexpensive, simple blade grinder may be an option for you if money is tight. I can assure you that a burr grinder will be worth your money. For good coffee, burr grinders produce an even grind. Inexpensive blade grinders simply cannot do this.

.Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder Review