Chock Full O’Nuts Coffee Review

Daily Ristretto: Chock Full O’Nuts Reviews

Adam Smith (Facebook) recommended we brew Chockful o’Nuts. It tasted very similar to the grocery store brands. The taste was reminiscent of a cup of coffee your grandmother used to make after a cake.

This was a medium roast that came pre-ground. It also included “premium” coffee as an ingredient. The Arabica or Robusta may have been the intended term, though it could be a combination of them both.

This led me to conclude that this was coffee dead at the time of its arrival. These gases had already passed away and were now part of the air.

It isn’t Specialty-grade and most likely won’t be worth your time. Bialetti’s adorable single-serving French Press was what made my horrible coffee. For quick and full-bodied brews, I highly recommend one.

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.Chock Full O’Nuts Coffee Review

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