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Best Immersion Blender

Our Pick

Breville BSB510XL Controller Grip Immersion Mixer Best immersion blender. The immersion blender is renowned for its ability to make smooth purees as well as its ease-of-use and other features that make it a great investment.

Sur La Table $119, Bed Bath & Beyond $120 Amazon Breville Control Grip An immersion blender that can puree even fibrous soups. You can hold it comfortably even during long mixing times thanks to the rubber handle. It doesn’t speat as it blends. We love the extra-large 42-ounce glass blending pot. This jar has a handle and clear measurements. Although the Breville includes both a whisk attachment and a chop attachment, it is far more likely to be discarded than cheaper, less convenient options.


Best Immersion Blender

These are the people who need them

It is worth buying an immersion blender if your goal is to create pureed soups. Rudy Speckamp from Rudy’s Kitchen explained that an immersion blender can be used to make pureed soups. An immersion blender can be used to purée soup right in the stockpot. It is easier than using a blender for several batches of cooked ingredients, then pouring the contents into a bowl or another pot and finally adding the mixture and stirring. The immersion blender can also be used to make small batches, such as smoothies or baby food. If the blender comes equipped with a whisk attachment it will whip up whipped cream that can be used to top an ice cream cone or pie.

A blender that is too heavy for your tasks will not work, nor can it make smooth texture. The food processor, which has many blades or disks, is the best choice for most chopping and shredding tasks. Full-size blenders make smoother purees.

Upgrade from an existing immersion blender only when your model isn’t producing smooth textures. This attachment can only be used for small tasks and cannot replace more heavy-duty tools, such as food processors or mixers.

Best Immersion Blender


Our Pick

“>Best Immersion Blenders Of 2021, According To Kitchen Experts

These hand blenders are a quick and easy alternative to a traditional blender.

These immersion blenders can be used in so many ways. Hand blenders are also called hand blenders. They have a motor on one and blades on their other ends. The blender can handle large tasks, such as making smoothies and puréeing soups right in the pot. It can also be used for small jobs like whipping cream up or making dressings.

Good Housekeeping Institute’s Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab reviews a wide range of immersion blenders from well-respected brands. It looks for models that are both easy to assemble and simple to use. We bring them into our kitchens to compare how well they puree butternut squash soup, blend smoothies, crush ice, and whisk eggs. Our favorite ones (which we bought for ourselves and use almost daily!) Blend smoothies or soups seamlessly and silently with a comfortable, ergonomic grip that doesn’t fatigue your hands. Based on testing and home use, these are our top picks for immersion blenders.

Best Immersion Blender for So up:

Best Immersion Blender for Smoothies:

KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender

Best Immersion Blender

Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender: The best Immersion Blender with Attachments

Breville Control Grip kitchenware is a must-have piece. An ergonomic handle and a sensitive trigger make this an easy-to-use immersion blender. The blender measures 8 inches in length. It features 15 speed settings, from very light to extremely powerful. This is useful for making soups with large chunky vegetables. It has a narrow, bell-shaped blade end that reduces suction and helps prevent food bits from sticking to it. For safer storage, there is even an over-the-blade cover.

This blender made quick work of our smoothie thanks to the blade itself and the cup it comes with, which is as almost as large as the base of a full-size blender. If you occasionally make more than you can drink in one sitting, it comes with a lid as well to seamlessly transfer the whole thing to the fridge. For the rest of the attachments: the whisk whips cream fast, and the chopper (which can fit into the cup for storage) quickly breaks down and makes delicious spreads and sauces. The Breville Control Grip is a great choice if you want a powerful and efficient hand blender with lots of extras. It will amaze you how frequently you use it, and the ease with which it cleans up if your are used to using a food processor.

Best Immersion Blender

Others Immersion Blenders we Tested

Cuisinart is the top-rated budget blender in every category. We tested both attachments and unattached models. Cuisinart Smart Stick offers a great option for those who want to be able to cook at home. There are two speed settings and nothing else, but the hand blender can make pureed soups as well frozen fruit. The price is just $49 You can also upgrade to the $89 model to add attachments. This basic blender comes with a cup and a mini-chopper as well as a whisk. The economical, effective and affordable way to begin immersion blending is this model.

The rest of the stick blenders we tested were not quite up to snuff. We were able to get the locking mechanism working on the KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand blender, which was able to make the soup and smoothies very well. After many failed attempts we were able to finally hold the top- and bottom pieces together. This presented a problem with the smoothie because the cup (which it came with) kept moving around on the countertop.

The KOIOS Powerful 4 in 1 Hand Blender makes a decent budget purchase, although many people have reported that it is not durable enough to withstand continued use. On the plus side, it’s got 500 watts behind it, six speeds plus turbo, and it comes with a whisk attachment. The Oxa Smart Powerful 4in-1 Immersion hand blender (not to mistakenly be called an Oxo product), was quite loud. The blender was heavier than the other models and was difficult to move up and down to mix the soup. We tried to make the smoothie but the cup got too vibrating. When we decreased the speed the blender became less efficient.

The Braun Multiquick Hand blender is a great immersion blender. The blender was slightly less loud than others we tried, but the results were excellent. You get two speeds and 350 watts. There’s also a cup that can be used to make smoothies. The whisk attachment makes it a great model.

Vitamix Immersion Blender was powerful yet quiet with variable speed controls. The blender, like the Breville model, is compatible and can be used with several attachments. This makes it a versatile kitchen tool. Five speed settings are available, while the motor lasts up to three minutes. This is in comparison to Breville’s 1 minute limit. It can sub in for a hand mixer, food processor, or smoothie blender. All attachments must be bought separately. This makes the immersion blender far more expensive than other models. We don’t think its good performance is worth the cost.

The ChefWave Intermix hand immersion blender was a great choice. We have heard positive reviews about the nut milk maker.

The Intermix blender from Specwise features nine levels of speed control, and it is extremely silent. At just $35, it came with just as many versatile attachments as the Breville. The price explained itself during the smoothie test, when the stainless steel blade got caught on a hunk of frozen fruit and caused a piece within the main body of the blender to break, rendering the entire set unusable.

Best Immersion Blender


Braun. Photo by Published. With winter approaching, your best immersion blender should be an integral part of any kitchen. Especially useful when making seasonal soups, an immersion blender (also known as a hand blender or stick blender) will let you blend ingredients directly in your pot or saucepan, instead of needing to put your hot stock into a blender pitcher.

The best immersion blenders for smoothie making are those that have blending cups. These allow you to adjust the amount of ingredients and control how fast you want it to blend. The best immersion blenders come equipped with whisking attachments so you can incorporate air into your heavy whipping cream. Immersion blenders have also been used to thicken egg yolks, oil, and make mayonnaise.

It is impossible to replace the finest blenders for crushing ice or shredding frozen ingredients. The best immersion blender can however be used to thicken sauces or make dips. We’ve used stick blenders to make smooth baba ganoush, and if you opt for one that comes with a mini chopper attachment, it could even be used to finely chop onion or garlic. Our top eight immersion blenders include top choices from KitchenAid and Braun as well as Braun, Breville, Vitamix, and Breville.

Best Immersion Blender

Reasons To Avoid

DASH Chef Series Deluxe Immersion Hand Mixer is your best choice for ultimate immersion blender. The blender has built-in storage so that you don’t forget about any attachments.

What we love: The handle is equipped with five speeds and can run at 1000 watts. There is a jug and a food processor attachment, meaning you can use the chopping, emulsifying and kneading blades with the immersion handle, or mash, whisk or blitz with the handheld.

DASHChef Series Deluxe Immersion Hand Blender – Features The blender is multifunctional and can also be used to make food. But, it takes up a lot of room for such attachments.

Best Immersion Blender

How Do I Choose A Good Immersion Blender?

Knowing what purpose you want to use your immersion blender for is key. We were tempted by multitaskers but it is not a good idea to buy an immersion blender that has a mini blender and masher attachments if you aren’t going to use them. It’s even more true when you pay a premium to get the extra attachments.

Some will already have machines in the home that are designed to take the place of these attachments, and many of the best food processors also come with mini chopper attachments, so take a good look at what you already have, from a hand mixer to an extra-large jug for blending into, and then evaluate what is missing from your kitchen or needs replacing.

It is vital to have power, so make sure you check out the engine’s horsepower. It is possible to blend soups very well and whip up heavy cream with little effort, however, it’s worth looking at the motor power if making sauces, thickening, or purees.

Best Immersion Blender

The Absolute Best Immersion Blenders You Can Buy Right Now

Published Oct 15, 2021 Save We select the products ourselves, and if you purchase from any of our links we might earn commission.

My first gift in the kitchen was an immersion blender. I don’t recall what brand it was, but it had a purple handle, so I loved it to no end. The machine made many soups, smoothies, sauces over the years.

An excellent immersion blender, sometimes called a stick- or hand blender, is capable of doing a lot more than a standard blender: it can blend, purée and emulsify. Although an immersion blender may not be as powerful as a blender, I wouldn’t advise making nut butters using one. First, the immersion blender is smaller than a blender. It’s also easier to store and clean. A small amount can be made with an immersion blender. An immersion blender is also useful when you have a small amount of something, for example, to puree soup.

It’s soup season, and I wanted to know: What is the best immersion blender for soup? Let’s find out! I tested the top models from Amazon, as well as bestsellers. This is what I found, with a brief overview of some my favorite models.

Credit: Riddley Guemperlein–Schirm Some selections from the lineup

Best Immersion Blender

Which Blends Well with It?

An immersion blender that doesn’t work well will not be very helpful. Before I tested the blenders’ ability to blend, I made carrot soup and then checked its consistency. I also created mayonnaise by blending a green smoothie made of fibrous vegetables, orange juice and frozen pear. The immersion blenders I was using came with their own mixing jars. If not, I employed a tall plastic measuring cup The best immersion blenders had multiple power settings and turned out silky-smooth soups (my favorite did so in just 40 seconds), emulsified mayonnaise, and easily blended a cohesive smoothie. Low-quality blenders produced soup with big chunks of ginger and carrots. The mayonnaise was thick and separate, making it difficult to blend. Smoothies also had inconsistent texture, larger pieces of unblended green kale and more clumps.

While comparing immersion blenders of greater power to those with lower effectiveness, I also looked into the blending knives. There were many blade designs available, but the most effective blenders featured longer blades that measured at least 2 inches in length and were closer to the attachment’s end. The strongest blender was equipped with a unique 2-blade design. Many other blenders used only one blade. Conversely, the worst blenders had shorter and recessed blades which made it less effective to blend.

The recessed blades had another negative effect: When making mayo and a smoothie in a narrow canister, these blades pulled the ingredients upwards, creating a vortex that basically suctioned the blender to the bottom of the blending cup. This made it impossible to turn the blender on and off without extreme difficulty. I also couldn’t mix the smoothie or mayo well enough.

Some immersion blenders come with whisk attachments. For testing, each attachment was used for whipping 1/2 cup heavy cream to create stiff peaks. I was impressed with the results. The whipped cream came out of each immersion blender and could easily be drizzled onto brownies or pie.

Credit: Riddley-Gemperlein–Schirm

Best Immersion Blender

What is it like to use and clean?

However, not all immersion blenders are easy to use. Some immersion blenders were frustrating, in fact. Let’s start with how easy it was to put on and take off the blender’s attachment. You may need to push the attachment in, and simultaneously hold one or more buttons to release it. Some attachments required that you twist the device clockwise in order to attach it, and counter clockwise in order to unattach it. Because it is less difficult to operate, I prefer the former. Some button-operated releases required a lot of finagling and were hard to use. Note: There are immersion blenders that don’t have detachable attachments, which, I suggest, you avoid; these are both harder to clean and store. You can also find cordless models. However, the ones that I tried didn’t impress me. It’s great to be cord-free but I don’t think it is worth sacrificing utility. None of the Best List Winners had cords.

Also, the controls should be considered. Some models featured buttons that had to be repeatedly pressed down in order to get the blender running. After about one minute of making soup, I felt tired. I much preferred blenders that needed a lighter touch, but also had grippy, ergonomic handles that slightly curved inwards in the center, making them easier to hold. Intuitive interfaces made it simple to alter the settings of winning blenders. These were not essential features, but added conveniences. An immersion blender with a cup (but not a metal blade guard) that is suitable for nonstick cookware.

Immersion blenders can be dangerous. Sharp blades! Braun made one model, and it has a safety switch that you have to first unlock before turning the hand blender on. The immersion blender offers great safety features.

Credit: Riddley Gemperlein—Schirm Whipped cream is made easier by the immersion blenders fitted with whisk attachments.

What’s the best immersion blender on the market?

Our choice. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender. It is the ultimate immersion blender. The best budget pick. Braun MultiQuick 5 Hand Blender MQ505. This is a basic choice for occasional usage. This is also great. Braun MultiQuick 7 Blender Hand Blender MQ7035. Variable speed blender.

Which Wattage is Best for an Immersion Blender?

Around 150 watts will be adequate for mixing, since handheld immersion blenders are mostly used for soups. Blending anything that you normally blend in an immersion blender would take 250 watts.

Is An Immersion Blender Good For Soup?

A regular blender can be a hassle, but using an immersion blender to make soup is so much faster than trying it with it. Use an immersion blender for a clean and easy process that is fuss-free.

What brand hand blender is the best?

  1. Inalsa Robot Inox 2000.
  2. Philips Daily Collection (HL1655/00) 250-Watt Hand Blender
  3. Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender.
  4. Boss E111 125-Watt Portable Hand Blender.
  5. Braun Multiquick 100 450-Watt Hand Mixer.
  6. Inalsa Robot 4.0 CP 400-Watt Hand Blender.Sep 17, 2021

.Best Immersion Blender

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