What Is Yield In Cooking

What Is Product Yield?

Product yield describes the percentage of product left over after processing.

“Processing” in this definition could mean trimming meat, peeling produce or even cooking. Your weight loss percentage and percentage yield for your food products will be affected by any process that lowers your product’s total weight.

It would not be a weight loss to make a recipe that calls for 454g or approximately 1lb potatoes. However, if the potato peeling yields were reduced to 385g this could result in the recipe being considered “weight loss”.

A trimming of meat is another example. The trimming of meat can also help to explain the reason for a reduced amount of pork loin.

How to Calculate Product Percentage Yield

what is yield in cooking

What Are The Yields Of Dry-to-Cooked Grains & Seeds?

Do you realize how many kinds of grains exist today? You can see how many possible grain conversions are there.

Since I have changed my diet due to my heart problems, I am constantly learning new varieties. Consuming more whole grains is a good way to get my nutrition while also cutting down on calories. It fills me up and gives me satisfaction.

Every month, my Cooking Magazines introduce me to a new and exotic grain. Or I receive a Blue Apron shipment that contains recognizable grains. These grains have been popular for years so I think they aren’t new.

Not only are these exciting new grains available, but there are plenty of other varieties that you haven’t heard of.

Below, you’ll see my selection of popular and exotic grains. Also included is how much water (or stocks) they need. And how many you’ll get. It will be updated as soon as I get information about new grains.

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Amaranth – 1 cup 2 cups liquid yields 2 1/2 cups cooked

Arborio Rice – 1 cup 4 cups liquid yields 3 cups cooked

Barley – 1 cup 3 cups liquid yields 3 1/2 cups cooked

Rice, 1 cup 2 1/2 cups water yields 3 Cups cooked

Buckwheat 1 cup 2 cups liquid 4 cups cooked

What’s the Best Way to Find A Recipe That Yields Well?

Multiplying the amount of each portion and its size will give you the yield total. Multiply the quantity of portions by the volume of each serving to determine the needed yield.

How do you calculate yield when cooking rice?

Uncooked rice yields approximately three cups of cooked rice.

.What Is Yield In Cooking

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