Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart?

Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

Living up to its discount store status, Walmart is committed to providing essential goods at affordable prices. Walmart, a house brand called Great Value, offers many groceries to customers in order to make extra savings.

  • You may wonder whether there is a distinction in quality between Walmart’s generic groceries and big-branded goods. So, who makes Great Value products for Walmart? Below is my huge guide that reveals the true manufacturers of Great Value Products!
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    Walmart 2022: Who makes great value products?

    ConAgra, Sara Lee, are two of the best-known manufacturers for Great Value grocery items, like peanut butter and cheese. Walmart has its own Fort Wayne dairy plant that produces milk. Big brands such as Danon, Ziploc, General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Kraft are also said to make Great Value groceries.

  • You can read the following to learn more about 27 products that are great value.
  • 1. Walmart’s Great Value Water Sourced From Natural Springs
  • Walmart’s Great Value springwater, from Platte Country, Missouri. Hydrate yourself with it.

    For $0.80 per gallon, multiple bottles can be filled from one single purchase. It has been purified using ozonation. The water also contains a neutral level of pH which helps to reduce harmful pollutants.

    Walmart’s Great Value purified bottle water has been sourced from California’s Sacramento Municipal waters. Canadians claim that Niagara Bottling is responsible for their Great Value water.

  • 2. Great Value Root Beer Made By Cott
  • Walmart-branded beer may be cheaper than buying regular beer. However, it won’t sacrifice flavor. Cott is said to produce great Value root beers. Customer can expect to pay $2.28 per 12 cans of 12 fluidoz or 74C/ for the 68-ounce bottle.

  • Walmart’s Great Value root beer contains the exact same ingredients as A&W Beer, so you will barely notice any difference.
  • You’ll notice the cost of A&W root beer at over $11 so you can save almost $10 by choosing Great Value root beer.

  • 3. Ziploc are likely to be the manufacturer of high-quality zipper bags at great prices.
  • There are rumors that Ziploc sells Great Value zip bags for Walmart. The Great Value Ziploc zipper bags have an uncannily close design and quality to Ziploc bags.

  • The price of 100 Great Value Zipper Quart Freezer Bags is $2.88, comparably cheaper than Ziploc’s equivalent product costing $8.84 for 74 freezer bags. This is how you save money!
  • Walmart offers Great Value freezer, storage, sandwich, snack quart, and gallon zipper bags in quantities of 70-100 for under $7.

  • 4. Great Yogurt & Greek Yogurt Made By Danon
  • Did you know that Great Value yogurt and greek yogurt are supposedly produced by a subsidiary of the well-known brand, Danon? Enjoy equally delicious yogurts at a more generous price when you choose Great Value.

    Great Value’s 32oz pots of low fat vanilla yogurt for families cost only $1.74, while Danon’s comparable costs more at $2.78. Every saving count, right?

    Mixed berry, key lime and strawberry flavored yogurts can be found in 32-ounce containers or 6-8 ounce cups. Prices are between 29C/-35C/ oz.

  • 5. Great Value Ice Cream Tastes Like Breyers!
  • Walmart says that Great Value Ice Cream is now available in sweet flavors, including vanilla, strawberry shortcake, cookies and crème, unicorn sparkle and fudge tracks (and more! Wells made them. Wells is a trusted brand that has created Great Value icecream for over 30 years.
  • Walmart’s Great Value icecream is an excellent alternative to Breyers’ deliciously creamy ice cream. Great Value icecream (48oz) can be bought for just $2.97 (as opposed to Breyers’ $4.18 (a 48oz tube).

  • 6. Great Value Potato Chips Are Made By UTZ
  • There are rumors that UTZ, a big brand, also makes Walmart’s Great Value potato chip. You won’t taste the difference, but you will notice it in the cost. UTZ potato chips are priced at 22C/ oz. Great Value potato chips is 16C/ oz.

    UTZ potato chips can be purchased in large quantities by regular customers. Great Value Potato chips are an excellent choice for anyone looking to grab a quick snack without breaking the bank.

  • 7. Peter Pan’s Peanut Butter Manufacturers Offer Great Value!
  • Don’t spend $4.68 to buy 40-ounce jars Peter Pan Peanut Butter Original Peanut Butter. Get a 64-ounce Great Value Creamy Peanut butter for just $4.34. That’s equivalent to 6.8C/oz. Besides, ConAgra manufactures Peter Pan and Great Value goods in the same factory.

    Walmart offers a good selection of peanut butter at a reasonable price, with a variety including organic, smooth, crunchy, crushed, honey-roasted and grape jelly stripe varieties.

  • 8. Procter & Gamble Produces Great Value Paper Towels
  • A report suggests Walmart may be working with Procter & Gamble, the same company that manufactures Charmin toilet tissue. They will make household necessities such as paper towels to sell under their Great Value brand. P&G operates currently 31 paper-making plants in the U.S.

    For $5.22, customers can purchase 4 everyday use Great Value paper towel packs. 24 paper towels are $14.97 each. ).

  • 9. Walmart’s Dairy Plant Makes Great Almond Milk
  • Walmart’s dairy plant will produce milk from cows, but there is a good chance the company will also make almond milk as part of its Great Value Brand.

    The exact origin of milk bought at your local grocery store may vary depending on where you live. Meadow Gold Dairy Company and Borden Dairy Company are other well-known dairy producers. They also produce their own brands.

    We all know just how expensive almond milk can get. Walmart’s Great Value brands make it much easier to find, and half a galon with a chocolate twist costs just $1.98.

  • 10. ConAgra Produces Great Value Salsa
  • Great Value salsa is said to be made by Peter Pan, acquired by known manufacturer ConAgra.

  • Customers can find an impressive range of Great Value salsa options, including medium cantine, mild, thick, chunky, salsa verde, mango and pineapple, organic, roasted garlic, and more!
  • Customers can make an excellent saving when they go for Great Value products; purchase 24 ounces of mild thick and chunky salsa for just $1.18 instead of $2.68 for a branded salsa.

  • 11. McCormick Spices: Great Value Spices Taste Like McCormick
  • Recent reports suggest McCormick may be the manufacturer of Great Value Spices, as both brands are indistinguishable.

    The purchase of spices and seasonings products is a common expense. But Walmart’s Great value can help you save money on your groceries.

    Great Value basil leaves retail at less than a penny ($1.23/oz for a standard 0.80-ounce container), while McCormick’s version costs $2.44 ($3.94/oz for a smaller quantity).

  • 12. ConAgra makes great value flour
  • ConAgra, which is well-known for its Great Value products manufactures flour milling companies in the United States. They are therefore likely to be able to produce Great Value flour.

    Walmart’s option is the most affordable on its grocery market. Canadian or American Great Value flour are used to make the flour.

    Why pay $9.10 for 10lb of Gold Medal branded flour when you could pay $5.98 for the same quantity of Walmart’s generic Great Value flour.

    Customers can expect to fund all-purpose, unbleached, self-raising, almond, and coconut Great Value flour in 5lb bags for under $5.

  • 13. Great Value Ketchup Tastes Like Heinz!
  • Walmart’s Great Value product is sure to please fans of Nestle Coffee-Mate’s coffee creamer. Great Value coffee Creamer can be purchased for just 1.50. This creamer is cholesterol-free and dairy free. What’s the harm in resisting 10C per ounce?

  • 20. The Great Value Cookies are Just like Girl Scout Cookies
  • If you’re looking to get your fix on girl scout cookies, head to Walmart, where you’ll find Great Value cookies flavors inspired by Girl Scout.

  • Great Value cookies come in a box for only $1.38, instead of being $4 each. Walmart sells great Value Fudge Cookies, including peanut butter-covered cookies and caramel cookies.
  • ConAgra, Sara Lee, and ConAgra make many great Value products. This means they can likely also make Great Value cookies.
  • 21. Walmart can get great quality cereals from General Mills or Kellogg’s
  • Rumours abound that Walmart will be producing its affordable Great Value cereal from General Mills and Kellogg Company.

    Spending $3 on 24-ounce Kellogg’s frosted Flakes can be a waste. You could spend $2.93 to get Great Value Frozen Flakes, which contain 26.8oz of cereal. This is equal to 11C/ oz.

    You can find many other cereals that are similar to the Great Value brand, such as cinnamon crunch and berry crunch. These will help budget-conscious families save a lot of money.

  • 22. George’s Prepared Foods Makes Great Value Bacon
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    A Caryville, Tennessee-based company called George’s Prepared Foods reportedly produces pork products, including bacon, for Walmart’s Great Value line. Walmart’s Great Value bacon is as good or better than big-brand brands.

  • The Great Value Original Hickory-Smoked Bacon is more salty than Oscar Mayer’s hardwood smoked bacon at $6.98. It costs only $3.47 per lb. That’ll give big brands a run for their money!
  • 23. Great Value Bread Is Made By Sara Lee
  • Bread is staple food in everyone’s home, but who makes it anyway? Sara Lee Company bakes Great Value bread in the same factory as their own brand, Rainbo bread buns, Nature’s Own loaves, and more! The Great Value brand is a great example of how quality doesn’t mean you have to compromise on value.

    A 20-ounce loaf, whole wheat bread, costs $1.48. Nature’s Own bread, however, is $10.99. It’s a no-brainer.

  • 24. Land O’Lakes Manufactures Great Value Butter
  • BlueBonnet as well as Land O’Lakes claim to be manufacturing Walmart’s Great Value butter from the very same places they make their own butter products. Walmart has both brand names of butter. But which one is the cheaper?

    A half stick of Land O’Lakes butter costs $2.57. This price is equal to the cost of double the quantity for 8 sticks in a pack that retails for $5.88. Great Value butter sells at 32.1C/ oz, while Land O’Lakes butter retails for 18.4C/ oz.

  • Great Value beef jerky is made by a private label manufacturer and distributed by Walmart U.S and Canada Corporation
  • . Great Value beefjerky in 10-packs is an affordable snack that won’t break the bank. The price per ounce for Great Value beef jerky is $9.54 Jack Link’s beefjerky sells for $11.43, but this is a significant discount.

  • 26. Walmart’s Dairy Plant Produces High-Value Milk
  • Walmart’s Fort Wayne dairy plant produced gallon jugs full of Whole, Skim Plain, Skim Plain, and 1% Chocolate milk to maintain the lowest possible prices on its milk products.

    Sources claim that Walmart will also acquire milk from 25 local farms located within 210-miles of the new facility.

    Great Value milk tends to be more affordable than other brands. Parmalat milk is 7C per fluid ounce, while Great Value whole milk goes for 3C per fluid ounce (3.57 per gallon).

  • 27. Great Value Mayonnaise Made By Kraft
  • You may be a big fan of mayonnaise and you will find it interesting to learn that Kraft, a global brand, is now the producer of Great Value Mayonnaise. Other than the packaging, the products merely differ in price.

    An average price of $3.88 per 42-ounce jar (or 8C/per fl.oz for Great Value mayonnaise) or almost a half-dollar more for Kraft’s comparable.

    Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    How are great value products made?

    Walmart rarely labels the exact manufacturer’s location on the labels of Great Value products. Walmart assures its customers that it sources their products from U.S. suppliers. There are many great value product manufacturers in America and Canada.

    Does Great Value Make a Good Brand?

    Many Great Value products can be made from the same companies that make big-name brands. Great Value groceries may contain many of the same ingredients as brand goods. This means that you might not even notice any differences in taste. Affordable prices set Great Value goods apart from other brands.

    To learn more, you can see our other posts on why Walmart is so cheap and where Walmart sources its beef and chicken from.

  • Conclusion
  • ConAgra is the largest manufacturer of Great Value grocery items, like cheese, peanut-butter, and salsa. Walmart has a Fort Wayne milk plant that produces milk. Agaia produces Great Value laundry soap and cleaning necessities. Danon McCormicke, Wells and General Mills are some of the other companies that make laundry detergents.

    What is the source of Walmart’s great value products?

    Great Value does not sell products made by Walmart. However, this labeling system is used to identify items that have been manufactured or packaged by many agricultural and food organizations, including ConAgra.

    What Manufacturer is the Best?

    ConAgra is known for producing Great Value products. ConAgra operates a U.S.-based milling company that produces Great Value flour. Walmart’s choice is also the most economical on the supermarket market. The Great Value flour can be produced either in Canada or the United States.

    What makes great value half and half?


    Walmart Great Value Brands:

    The Walmart Great Value brand is the most well-known and widely used retail brand. It includes hundreds of household consumables such as sliced bread, frozen veggies, meals, cans, light bulbs, garbage bags, buttermilk, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, cakes, and other products that are traditional to grocery stores.

    .Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)