Solimo Coffee Review

Amazon Solimo Coffee Review. Read It Before You Buy:

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Tired of spending lots of money on expensive Nespresso coffees? Here is a detailed review on Amazon’s Solimo coffee bean pod brand. This article will help you to understand the main points about the coffee pods that are the best in the range.

Solimo Coffee Review

Amazon Brand – 100 Ct. Solimo French Roast Coffee Pods, French Roast. Compatible with Keurig 2.0 K Cup Brewers

Solimo Light Roast Coffee Pods is a coffee-flavored coffee pod. It comes in three flavors: French Vanilla, Hazelnut Flavored, and Colombian’soul-roasted’ roasted nut-flavored.

Review Analysis of 5K+ Amazon Brand Reviews – 100ct. Solimo Coffee Pods

BestViewsReviews analyzed 47.243 user reviews on 18 Coffee Pods products.

An analysis revealed that 76% of the reviews were positive, while 15% showed negative sentiment.

Solimo Coffee Review

Why Grocers Should Be Concerned About Amazon’s Private Brand Solimo

Amazon is enjoying success with Solimo’s coffee pods. Amazon revealed plans nationwide to open new grocery stores in its Whole Foods Market brand later this year. Amazon is expanding its private label offerings at a rapid pace, so it is possible these grocery stores will have a variety of Amazon products as well as a small selection of nationally-branded brands.

While private label is a growing retail trend, with grocery as the trailblazer, the scale of Amazon’s platform gives it a unique competitive advantage and opportunity to drive shoppers from online back to physical retail.

It is difficult to overlook Amazon’s private label assault on grocers stocking CPG competitor CPGs such as Procter & Gamble or Kimberly-Clark. Solimo. The “everyday goods brand” was launched less than one year ago with very little publicity. It sells center store products that range from disposable cups to multivitamins and dog food. Amazon now has more than $6m in monthly sales, as it continues to add SKUs to a growing number of categories. Note that quarterly dollar volumes have nearly doubled in sales.

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Amazon is able to rapidly develop new products with home-grown brands such as Solimo thanks to its data-driven and precise knowledge about what items sell well across its platforms. The company can then test and learn, gauge consumer demand, get feedback and make adjustments.

Consider coffee. Amazon introduced Solimo brand coffee in K-Cups, as well Nespresso-compatible capsules last April. Solimo has risen to No. 1 with its higher-rated K-Cups rating (4.3 stars rating). Amazon has 6 coffee pod brands, with the less-popular (3.0 stars rating) being discontinued.

While initially finding success in both coffee pods and incontinence underwear, the brand is now expanding at a feverish pace and butting heads with CPG titans. Solimo, for instance, launched products in January that target some of P&G’s top jewels like a Gillette five-blade razor, dandruff whampoo and a Crest 3D tooth-whitening toothpaste. Even the packaging design are eerily similar.

Solimo has become a formidable competitor in an increasing number of categories of groceries dominated by household name brands within just months. Solimo, for example, was the fourth-most sold brand of kitchen garbage bags on This was a whopping 5.2 percent. Solimo also placed sixth in both facial tissues and coffee pods.

It is not just about market share. The brand is also starting to get established in consumers’ cabinets, as demonstrated by Solimo’s 66% share in wallet among Solimo Coffee pod purchasers in Q4.

Amazon will be opening new grocery stores, and while the brand has not seen much success with food or beverages other than coffee pods so far, it is prioritizing this market. Expect to see a lot of Solimo when these brick-and-mortar groceries open at a location near you.

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A granular understanding, product by product and category by category of Amazon’s market-share-grab position is a key to allowing other grocers to succeed.