Oxo Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker Review

oxo brew 8 cup coffee maker review

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Liz Clayton (who wrote 2018’s update to the guide) is a veteran writer in coffee who has more 10 years of experience roasting and tasting coffee with professionals. Alex Arpaia is also an associate editor for the coffee news website Sprudge. Alex, a Wirecutter staff member at that time, was a keen coffee lover and researched new coffee machines. He reviewed current SCA-certified home brewers and compared them with the past. Our top candidates were brought to Coffee Project NY, the only SCA-certified training facility in New York, where they dialled each machine in and then taste-tested them with Chi Sum Ngai. (A bit like a coffee sommelier).

Marguerite Preston, a senior editor who edits all of Wirecutter’s coffee coverage, tested the OXO 8 Cup Coffee Maker against the OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker and the Bonavita Connoisseur in mid-2020.

Cale Guthrie Weissman was a National Barista Championship Finalist, and also conducted research for this guide.

We also used the expertise of for past testing years.

Counter Culture Coffee New York City staff; they were able to fine tune our testing criteria and help us evaluate each coffeemaker qualitatively.

Charles Babinski (2015) United States Barista Champion, co-founder Los Angeles coffee bars G&B Coffee (and Go Get Em Tiger) known for quickly addressing real-world needs of coffee drinkers.

Humberto Ricardo, the proprietor of Third Rail Coffee on Manhattan.

oxo brew 8 cup coffee maker review

Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker and Oxo 8 Cup Coffee Maker: Which One is Better?



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Scroll on for more OXO coffee makers are affordable, easy to use and very reliable.

For a coffee lover who cannot go a day without a cup of coffee, an OXO coffee maker will meet your daily coffee needs. The coffee machines come in different sizes and capacities.

In this review, we will look at the OXO brew 8 cups and 9 cups coffee machines. It is important to know all details if you want to buy a gift for someone, upgrade or use the machine in your own kitchen. We have everything you need.

We will look at the features of each, factors to consider when buying, similarities and differences. By the end of this buying guide , you will have decided whether to invest in the OXO brew 8 cups or 9 cups coffee maker.

oxo brew 8 cup coffee maker review

What’s good about it?

My first impressions of the machine was its slim and sleek build. The eight-cup is just nine inches wide and has a similar design to the Barista Brain’s predecessor. You also have four buttons to control the machine: power and 2-4 cups brewing.

The Oxo 8-cup is an SCA-certified brewer , so I knew going into this review that the coffee would be good (Oxo clarified that only the coffee brewed using the 5-8 cup option were SCA-certified, as the association has yet to set standards for single-serving coffee). The Oxo 8-cup uses the trademarked Rainmaker Showerhead, which literally pours water on coffee grounds. For a better extraction and a smoother taste, this process makes sure all coffee grounds are evenly saturated. Also, the temperature of the water is limited to 205°F. It eliminates the risk that you might brew bitter or over-extracted coffee. Additionally, because the thermal coffee carafe retains heat, the 8-cup does not need a hotplate.

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OXO’s trademarked Rainmaker shower head ensures all the coffee grounds get wet.

As a single-serving coffee machine, the Oxo 8-cup is a great choice. One-serving brewing can yield a brew of between two and four cups (10 ounces), respectively. Oxo recommends the addition of a single-serving accessory. The accessory looks similar to the Kalita Wave dripper.

My single-serve coffee brew had citrus and floral aromas that I didn’t get from brewing full pots. Surprisingly I felt the coffee tasted exactly like Chemex, though it was not as crisp or clear. It’s important to note that I have been drinking Chemex-brewed coffee daily for four years. This has made my taste buds more used to the cup-over method of coffee. My Chemex is still present in the 8-cup.

oxo brew 8 cup coffee maker review

Review Oxo Coffee Maker – Is the 8 Cup worth it?

Every coffee enthusiast around the world wishes for a machine that makes great coffee. We are sure that this is what we have. Unfortunately, most coffee makers don’t fit this bill.

Too often they have issues with their reliability or versatility. It is often the case that those who try to be all things to everyone end up with poor-tasting coffee. You know as well as we do that the taste of your coffee is something that a coffee maker shouldn’t toy with, much less sacrifice for some other fancy feature.

Thankfully, there are exceptions other than the Moccamaster . The OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker is a fan favorite drip coffee maker that gets a lot positive reviews. But is it really worth it? Should you put your money on this new coffee maker or stick to your ‘not so pleasing but slightly dependable one’?

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