Best Mug Warmers

Best Mug Warmers

Bestinnkits Smart coffee warmer is a reliable mug heater for people who work at their desk all day.

What it costs: about $25 (at the time of publication) Who it’s for: The Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Warmer is ideal for people who want a simple, cost-effective solution to the problem of drinks going cold before their time.

What makes it different? This mug warmer is affordable and maintains a perfect drinking temperature for hours. It doesn’t even scorch beverages. And while our other picks require you to use a proprietary mug, this one allows you to use all your old favorites.

Basic mug warmers can keep your beverage hot for as long as you drink it within 30 minutes. However, they won’t work well if your pace is slower. We found this model to be the best. It can keep your drink warm for several hours and does not impart harshness over time. The Bestinnkits warmer functions as a small hot plate that activates automatically when it senses the weight of a mug, and it conveniently shuts off whenever you pick up the mug.

Many of its rivals allowed drinks to become lukewarm within 35-40 minutes. The Bestinnkits keep beverages at 133 to 135 degrees F for hours, and possibly even indefinitely. This is not the ideal temperature for drinking, although it’s warm enough that it won’t get piping hot. Even though the Bestinnkits states that it is capable of heating cold or room-temperature beverages, this was only technical. The warmer took two hours to heat and did not offer any advantage over any other method.

It might be a coffee cup that was sitting on the warmer for many hours. This is what most mug warmers do. The Bestinnkits is no exception, but I found that it produced the least-offensive kept-warm coffee of the mug warmers we tested, and the coffee was noticeably less gross than brew left in a coffee-maker’s carafe. I wasn’t able to distinguish between coffee kept hot on the Bestinnkits warmer and coffee that I let cool and then reheated in my microwave. It was still more convenient than heating my coffee up in the microwave. Even though my opinions about relative taste are subjective, I think it is safe to say that the Ember Ohom cooler will preserve the finest flavor. The Bestinnkits warmer, while generally enjoyable, has some shortcomings. Unlike some of the other mug warmers we tested, including models from Cosori Vobaga Bestinnkits doesn’t have temperature-control settings the warmer is simply on or off. The warmers that offered custom temperature settings performed badly. No one could keep any drink warm, even with the most powerful settings. However, this warmer would certainly be beneficial if it had temperature control.

The Bestinnkits warmer has a misleading name: “Smart” does not mean it includes smartphone connectivity. And, it’s not as compact as the models we reviewed. You can still find it in many colors. We tested it with mugs up to 16-ounces. It even comes with a 14-ounce ceramic coffee mug. The problem is greater with smaller mugs, which must contain at least 12.8oz of liquid to trigger the automatic heating function.

Amazon, as well as other online e-commerce websites, are full generic mug warmers made by brands that have nonsense names. Bestinnkits is not even a household brand. It comes with a 2-year warranty and Amazon lists it as FCC-and UL-certified. The packaging however does not include this certification. Although we were pleased with how it performed during testing, we cannot speak about the support Bestinnkits will offer in the future.

Best Mug Warmers

It’s a High-End All-In One Option for connoisseurs that like to Walk and Drink. Ember mug2

How much it costs: $130. For whom it is useful: The Ember Mug2 suits people who tend to move around during the day instead of sitting down for prolonged periods. You can also use it for lovers of tea or coffee who wish to maintain the finest flavor quality over a longer time.

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What makes it different? The built-in heat source and battery power allow the mug to heat up automatically, ensuring that your coffee will always stay hot.

When the Ember Mug was introduced a few years back via a crowdfunding campaign at the height of the let’s-make-everything-“smart” craze it took a lot of, er, heat in the press. You can control your coffee maker with your smartphone. Really? But, owners liked the item just as much James Hoffmann, noted coffee guru and video producer (video) And since then it’s caught on to the extent that even Costco stocked it at one point. It was obvious that we needed to test it.

Ember is not equipped with traditional mug warmers that have contact heat sources, instead it uses an in-built heat source. Sensors are also included to control the liquid’s temperature. The Ember’s neutral, clean colors blend nicely into any space. And in every category of our testing, it performed better than even the best mug warmers.

Best Mug Warmers

Ohom Ui Mug, a 2 in 1 option for deskbound people:

Price: $75. For whom it is good: Ohom Ui Mugs can free up space in outlets. They combine their wireless phone charger with a mug warmer to do all of this with style.

We are different. Did we mention the wireless charging capability?

Ohom’s Ui Mug was initially skeptical. It comes with a pad which doubles as a mug heater and a wireless charging device. It works amazing. This mug warmer is more similar to the Ember than to traditional mug warmers, though in some ways it may be a mixture of both. Ui Mugs have metallic particles in their base that interact with magnetic induction to create an induction stovetop. Although the base doesn’t operate as a traditional hot plate (the way mug warmers like the Bestinnkits do), it does rely on contact between the mug and charging pad to keep liquids warm. This means that you cannot use it with any other mugs, or transport it with you.

Despite these flaws, the Ui Mug shines because it holds drinks hotter than all the others we tested. You can also charge your phone wirelessly with this mug. It charges your iPhone with no problem even in the most difficult cases. Ohom is certified by Wireless Power Consortium but our testing shows that the advertised iPhone charging power of 7.5Watts was accurate. The Ohom Ui was capable of charging my iPhone 12 mini to 30% and 60% within 30 minutes. This is similar to our Qi wireless charger recommendations. Rozette Rago. Ohom’s mug and warmer designs are the best. The Ui set comes with a matching mug, lid, and charging pad in a variety of beautiful colors, such as mint green sky blue coral red . It is also made of thick ceramic that has escaped any accidental drops.

(if not quite as well controlled as in the Ember The Ui set may seem like it’s simultaneously overkill and not quite essential for coffee or tea lovers who already have a wireless charger at their desk. But we think it’s actually a pretty smart use of space. Follow scientific advice and restrict your caffeine intake to the mornings or the early afternoons. Otherwise, the Ui Mug is not going to take up valuable desk real-estate. You can ignore this scientific guidance if you drink decaf or herbal teas. Our general opinion: If you’re in the market for both a wireless charger and a mug warmer, this is a particularly sleek and pretty option. It takes up little space on your desk, and the colors are fun and appealing. The Ui can be used to open up an area on your power strip. And unlike the Ember this mug is safe for dishwasher.

Best Mug Warmers

The 8 Best Coffee Mug Warmers Of 2021

The best products are chosen by our editors who independently test and review them. Learn more about the. On purchases from the links we have chosen, commissions may be earned.

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It is possible to find a more efficient way of heating your morning coffee instead of going to the microwave. The microwave is quick enough to heat up your cup, but the taste can make it blander. An alternative is to use a cup warmer. The heated coasters are a convenient way to heat liquids for up to 24 hours. This allows you uninterrupted enjoyment of your favorite cup of coffee all day.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur who wants the latest gadget with all the bells and whistles or someone who longs for something basic, there are a number of options available on the market to suit every preference.

These are our top picks for coffee mug warmers.

Amazon: Our top picks Norpro Decorative Cup warmer


You can control the exact temperature with this mug using an app.

Muggo Self Heating Travel Mug at Amazon

The mug includes a touch display that allows you to select your desired temperature.

Read review

Best Mug Warmers

These are the 8 best mug warmers of 2021

Don’t let your coffee or tea get cold We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. Clicking on links in our content may result in us receiving commissions. Find out more about the review process. You take your cup of coffee from break to work, and then you get up. There are emails that come in from co-workers, questions you need to ask, and projects that weren’t completed by the due date. You grab your morning coffee, which tastes like congealed, cold mud an hour later.

It is possible to nuke your beverage, however microwaving can cause the flavor to be lost. To keep your favorite beverage warm, why not get a mug warming device? They have many fun, useful and attractive features so it’s easy to choose one that fits your personal style.

Check out the following mug warming devices.

Best Mug Warmers

Here are 7 of the Best Mug Heaters

Lukewarm coffee can be a problem for some people. For those folks, we have curated the definitive list of the best mug warmers on the market.

Coffee Chronicler wishes we could try every possible coffee gadget. However, it is not realistic.

To that end, we turned to Amazon’s wisdom and selected the best-rated Amazon products. We have looked at pros and cons from individual reviews, as well as the total rating to present the most accurate advice.

[toc] We have to admit, mug warming is a little excessive.

However, there are some who really enjoy having hot coffee every morning at their desk.

Although you could use a thermos, they have their problems. Perhaps a mug warmer is better?

For that reason we have compiled a list with some of the best mug warmers available.

Best Mug Warmers

Buyer’s Guide

While shopping for a new coffee mug warmer, there are a few important things you should keep in your mind.

Cord Length. It is important that you measure the length of your cord and to check that your mug warming devices are compatible.

You need to consider the size and design of your espresso cups. These two factors can help you decide which designs are best.

Warranty and Prices: Lastly, it is necessary that you check the warrant of the product, to be sure what actions you can take in case it doesn’t work like it supposed to, and whether the product fits in your budget.

S. Nillsson Flickr. CC

Best Mug Warmers

What To Consider

You should know there are two basic types of cup warmers. They are available as standalone heating pads or as sets with a mug included. The simplest, most cost-effective option is heating pads. While they don’t have exact temperature control, automatic off functionality or other bells and whistles, the heating pad can be used with ceramic mugs that you already love and keep in your kitchen.

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Sets of mug warmers are more luxurious. You will find a heating pad with temperature control, smartphone connectivity, wireless charging capability, or other useful features, and an insulated coffee mug to coordinate and fit perfectly. Although these sets look better than standalone heating pads, they may not be dishwasher safe.

You will enjoy a better cup of coffee, regardless of which mug warmer you select. You can find our top picks for the best mug warmers. Keep your tea or coffee warm with these sets and standalone warmers.

Best Mug Warmers

Temperature controls & range

At around 200 degrees, coffee should be brewed. However, the optimal temperature for enjoying it is between 120 degrees and 140 degrees. Most mug warmers are designed to maintain temperatures within this range so that you can enjoy a toasty drink for hours.

Not all mug warmers can heat beverages that have cooled. If you want to get maximum results from your beverage, it should be heated on the heating plate.

Most models are limited to one temperature setting. However, higher-end models offer more temperature options, so you can heat up your drink exactly the way you prefer. Some models have a light indicator to let you know when your drink has reached the desired temperature.

Best Mug Warmers

The Ultimate Best

Vobaga coffee warmer features many standouts and has received a five-star Amazon rating from more than 1,100 reviewers. For starters, the hot plate has three simplified high-medium-low temperature settings, a four-hour auto-shutoff function, and it’s available in a handful of charming colors, including pink, crisp white, and sky blue (pictured).

The hot plate measures 3.5 inches and can be used with most types of mugs, including ceramic, stainless steel and glass. It is also a generous 5-feet in length.

The following was loved by fans: This is my favorite beverage heater. I have tried many. I enjoy the 3 levels of heat. If my mug is empty it will be great to turn it down from the highest. It’s quiet (doesn’t beep when turning on/off or when changing the temperature), and the auto shut-off has already saved me several times! An additional safety feature is that the temperature indicator remains lit until it cools down. It’s a wonderful mug warmer. I have two.

Best Mug Warmers

Top Coffee Mug Warmer 2022

The only thing worse than a hectic day at the office is a hectic day at the office with lukewarm coffee. A coffee cup warming device is inexpensive and easy to use. There are many options, but which one is best for keeping your coffee warm?

We set out to find the best mug warmers, which we did. While they won’t reduce your workload, you can still enjoy great coffee.

A Quick Look:

Home-X Mug Warmer

Cosori Hot Coffee Mug

Is it the best coffee mug warmer?

The type of cup that keeps coffee the hottest for the longest is the stainless steel vacuum insulated cups which can keep coffee hot for as much as 6-12 hours. A close second is the battery-powered heated cup coffee maker, which can maintain coffee at the desired temperature for as long time as it lasts.

How effective are mug warming devices?

Heating Temperature. An 2008 study revealed that 120 F is the ideal hot beverage temperature.

What is The Best Cup Warmer?

The Most versatile Yeosen coffee warmer, it offers 3 temperature settings including the hottest, at 167° Fahrenheit. This product is ideal for coffee lovers who want their coffee to be hot. It is easy to clean and waterproof.

Are Mug Warmers Compatible with Any Mug?

It is possible, provided it does not interfere with the heat of your mug. A majority of mug warmers are capable of holding a decent-sized coffee cup. However, some can even hold larger mugs. Be sure to keep your mug cool before you turn on the heating function. It’s not a good idea to get burned!

.Best Mug Warmers

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