Cooking With Brenda Gantt

cooking with brenda gantt

Brenda Gantt: Millions of Followers are Cooking with Brenda Gantt

Brenda Gantt has become a social media sensation. She is “everyones grandma” and has amassed more than 2,000,000 followers with her hilarious, delicious, unedit recipes videos. Our FACE of the South dishes on her fast rise to stardom and her best Southern cookin’ tips.

Brenda Gantt (75) made a tutorial video almost a whole year ago about the dying of Easter egg eggs from her Alabama home. Then, she went viral with her third video on making buttermilk biscuits. It has now been seen 8,000,000 times. Southern home chef is now a Facebook star. Her 2 million-strong fan base invites her to the kitchen, learning new Southern recipes every week. Brenda is spry, primly dressed, downright hilarious and inventive in a kitchen. These videos are raw and uncut. Every video is about 30 minutes in length and contains tidbits on her family, past passions, faith, as well as useful cooking tips.

Deep South drawsl is soothing, like a good bedtime story. And her delicious recipes are so tempting that it’s impossible to resist watching them. A dazzling collection of aprons is also available, with each one telling its own story. She’s often criticised for not being able to accurately measure things, other than cakes, pies, or cookies. Brenda is not interested in teaching people how to use their God-given five sensory senses to cook. Her goal is to eliminate the fuss and complication that comes with complicated cooking. She wants cooking to be fun, flavorful and fulfilling to the body and soul. Her unwavering joy and zest for life have touched so many people throughout this time of isolation, so we are thrilled to welcome Brenda Gantt as this month’s FACE of the South.

Brenda states, “No wonder people don’t like cooking when the mess is so horrible!” Brenda has a message for those who stress on measurement: “God gave us five sensory senses to help us measure!”

cooking with brenda gantt

Alabama’S Brenda Gantt Shows Off Her Kitchen to The World

Brenda Gantt’s humorous, shot on a smartphone cooking videos has won her 1.6million fans since April. “I just want to cook. She said, “I just want to continue doing the same thing I am doing.” It all started with a simple idea. Brenda Hicks Gantt, an educator who is also a grandmother of five grandchildren and a skilled home cook, set out to film a quick video in order to teach young ladies from her church about how to make homemade cookies.

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Gantt was holding a spoonful of flour in one hand and her cell phone in the other. She made a short video that demonstrates how to make “two-bite cookies” as her late husband George calls them.

This video was also shared by the couple, who then had it shared with others. Two weeks later, the video was seen over one million times.

Friends, as well as new fans, began asking her how she made other videos. Being a lifetime educator, she loved the idea of sharing her knowledge with others. To keep her videos from being posted on her own page, Brenda Gantt, her son in law, created a new Facebook page called Cooking With Brenda Gantt. Her local friends didn’t want all of this information. They don’t know Brenda. Brenda likes to cook. The biscuit video was her first post. While she can’t recall what her next one was, she knows it was only the beginning. People of all ages liked her simple recipes mixed with country cooking and charming charm. She has over 1.6 million fans.

This is just what we did last April.

Gantt knew that timing was everything, but she never imagined her videos would go mainstream. She was astonished at her timing. Stuck at home with little to do because of COVID-19, adults and children alike were discovering her down-home cooking style, served up with a side of humor and an appreciation for the treasures of life – like family and tradition – that sometimes seem to have escaped our modern society.

She says, “I believe the coronavirus. It is terrible, but I also think there are good things coming out of it.” “Families have been learning to live in harmony for longer periods of time, and aren’t rushing to leave the house to attend dance recitals or play ball.

“People are stuck inside, they’re bored, they’re watching videos on their phones, and I came up. And I was teaching them something. “They like my smile!” Many people love her style, and many feel that she is similar to their grandmother. Melissa Gaines is from Fort Payne and says the biscuits clip was her first. It brought back many sweet memories.

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Brenda Gantt loves cooking for people. In the days before the pandemic, Brenda Gantt enjoyed entertaining large parties of relatives and friends at Sunday services. Gaines describes her baking as being similar to that of my Nanny. “I would trade anything to be back there with her, Mrs. Gantt cooks like my Nanny made them,” Gaines says. However, her popularity has grown despite the COVID-19 circumstance. Her belief that there is a lot more lonely people than we realize, she said. She noted that older adults may lack a partner and are often isolated due to restrictions in dining out or church events. “I believe they’re lonely and in pain, so they should learn to cook. I think that’s it. This is not how I cook, nor are my recipes. They can look in a book and get a recipe. “It’s what they are craving.” She speaks right to viewers. While she does the boring chores of chopping veggies or making dough, her bright personality is a constant companion. She might ask, “What are you doing today?” or “Did you do your Bible Study today?” Maybe she is getting ready for dinner with her little girl and her family. Or maybe she went to The Pig to see some friends and stock up on shortening, buttermilk and self-rising flour which were the ingredients she needed to make her famous biscuits. Usually, she makes the videos all by herself, with the help of a holder for her smartphone. Every so often, one of her granddaughters helps out.

The viewers feel like she’s talking to them, and they love it. “The other night, I explained to them that I had burned it and it was their fault. She laughs. “I was so busy talking I burned the cornbread.” Seriously, though, she does feel a responsibility to her fans. It has been and remains my prayer to God that I would be a positive influence on all those whom I come in contact with. That is important, to be a positive influence, and I’ve always asked God to give me that.”

cooking with brenda gantt

Brenda Gantt, Cooking Chicken

Caleb Hicks Brenda Gantt has a house filled with fixtures that would be found in a Southern home. A collection of antiques includes dressers, kitchen knick-knacks; hand-made pottery; and a large dining table capable of seating a small community. Cast iron cookware is used in the preparation of her famed chicken recipes.

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Andalusia resident, aged 74 years old, became famous last year after her DIY video about making homemade biscuits went viral. Gantt says that she also is well-known for her chicken.

Gantt, a retired schoolteacher, stated that, aside from having to get married, she was my greatest teacher in the kitchen. “Yes, I have cooked chicken not long enough sometimes and had to stick it back in the fryer or the oven, but that was when I first got really into cooking. Most of the time, it’s just trial-and-error.

Cooking sensation Brenda Gantt has taken social media by storm with her how-to cooking videos created in her home kitchen in Andalusia.

Gantt also has her own bed and breakfast The Cottle House. There is an eight-month waitinglist. The B&B is across the road from her house, and she cooks breakfast every day for her guests.

She claimed that it is a pleasure to see others enjoy her meals.

Gantt commented, “It always makes it feel good when someone likes what you make, no matter what kind of chicken,” “If we’re going to cook, we want whoever is eating it to like and enjoy it. Gantt loves to see people come back for seconds.

“People say my cooking is great and reminds them of their grandparent’s or mother’s,” Gantt said. “But, they claim that Jesus is what makes my cooking special and gives them hope. Some people claim that they have stopped cooking. However, they are returning to the kitchen now after watching my videos.

Since I published my first video on April 20, 2020, the Lord has been involved in it. I didn’t plan it. Gantt said that He was the one who made it all happen.

According to her, chicken is an excellent source of protein and healthy food for kids. There are many ways to use the chicken, from bones for broth and meats all the way up. Keep the bones and any other materials in good condition.

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