Cooking Sausage In Air Fryer

cooking sausage in air fryer

How To Cook Sausages In The Air Fryer

You should start by thawing the sausages.

If your sausages are frozen, defrost them like this.

Then, use a paring knife or a fork to poke holes in the casings. Three times is enough to poke an Italian sausage. Poking the sausage is simply so that the fat is able to escape easily from the casing.

Next, arrange the sausages in a single layer in the air fryer basket. Turn the heat to 400F. Next, cook the sausages on each side until golden brown. If you slice them into pieces, they will be cooked all the way through. You can expect to cook the sausages for between 8-12 minutes depending on how thick they are and how many of them you have. See cooking times for different kinds of sausages below.

cooking sausage in air fryer

Which sausages can you cook in the air fryer?

You can do any kind of sausages in the air fryer.

Thin breakfast sausages will be more ready than those made with thicker meats. But not much. For 10 breakfast sausages, cook them for 8-10 minutes at 400degF. You will get a brown exterior and a fully cooked interior. They don’t require you to make holes in their casings before being cooked.

The air fryer works well for Italian sausages. This recipe can make up to 6 servings, depending on how many you have. Then, bake them in a 400F oven for 9-12minutes or until they’re golden brown and are no longer pink. The same goes for other thick sausages, such as bratwurst (not cured), and fresh kielbasa.

The other kinds of sausages that you can cook in your air fryer are the fully-cooked ones that just need a little color and to be heated through. You will need to slice the kielbasa approximately 3/4″ thick. After that, you can arrange the slices into a single layer. You can cook them at 400oF for around 4-5 minutes, until the edges are slightly brown.

Full-cooked sausage links can be purchased at your local grocery. Also, you can get chicken sausages with different flavors. Wieners are also acceptable. These can be done by placing the links one-by-one in an air fryer basket. Cook for 5-7 minutes at 400°F. These don’t need to be pierced in their casings before you cook them.

Cooking sausages in the oven fryer will be a wonderful experience. It’s a quick, delicious, and simple way for me to make sausages.

Prep time: 1 minute

Cook Time 9 minutes

Total Time: 10 min

Yield: 3 servings 1x

cooking sausage in air fryer

The Chef’s Tips

It may be difficult to accommodate 5 link sausages into a single basket for larger sausages and smaller air fryers. That’s okay! You can work in batches if you need to. It’s okay to work in batches if necessary. It is impossible for the air to reach any area where the sausage cannot cook.

Before you place the sausages in the oven, don’t poke the skin! You don’t want to poke holes into the skin, as it is designed to keep in all of the juices.

Are you a smoker in an air fryer? No worries! This is not a problem! You can solve this problem by placing parchment paper designed for air-frying in the basket underneath the sausages. You might try adding some water to the bottom.

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Air fryers are phenomenal, but like with any appliance, one can be a little different from another. Keep an eye on your sausages in the air fryer the first time or two you make them, so you know exactly what cook time works best for your air fryer! Make sure your sausages are at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit inside.

cooking sausage in air fryer

How to make an air-fryer sausage

You can use the air fryer in many different ways. While cooking sausage might be one of them, once it is cooked, you will never want to cook it any other way. I hope you enjoy it.

Step one: Take your sausage out of the fridge and remove the packaging. For frozen sausages, ensure you defrost the entire package first. This will allow it to cook thoroughly and evenly. If your links don’t fit in your air fryer, you can cut them in half or thirds, whatever will let them fit.

Step two: Apply cooking spray to the air fryer basket. Cook the sausage at 400 for 8 minutes. Flip it over and then cook for an additional 3-4 minutes. The size of the sausage pieces will affect how long it takes to cook.

Step 3: After the sausage has been cooked, take it out of the fryer. To rest the meat, place it on parchment or paper. This will absorb any grease. After letting the meat rest for two minutes, you can either serve it or use it as a garnish to any dish.

cooking sausage in air fryer

There are other ways to use sausage

My favorite thing about breakfast is cooking. My kids love breakfast sandwiches. Because we are a large family, it is not possible to prepare all of the components of breakfast sandwiches on one skillet.

I usually don’t have enough “favorite skillets” to use and the pan can be tough to clean up after it has been cooking and building up thick grease for a while. The air fryer takes an item off the stovetop, reduces the grease in the meal, and is much easier to clean up than scrubbing and scrapping a pan.

You can even make easy air fryer sausage patties by forming sausage meat without a casing into patties and cooking that in the air fryer. These cook for around 5 minutes at 400. This is one of our top favorite breakfasts in the air fryer.

The same method works when I want to cook sausages. These can be pan-fried in the pressure cooker. Then, remove the instant pot lid and let the onion and peppers cook on the saute setting. Next, I add the sliced sausage. You can adjust the timing and reduce the grease.

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cooking sausage in air fryer

Italian Sausage From Air Fryer

Jump to Recipe. Air-frying Italian sausages is an easy and quick way to create perfect sausage every time. Whether you serve them with peppers and onions, or alongside pasta sauce and pasta, cooking air-fried sausages is the quickest method out there.

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A great alternative to beef and pork chops is sausage. Italian sausage can be cooked in an oven fryer.

You can use either a bread oven type or a pan style fryer for this recipe. We have an Omni Plus and a small 3.2L Faberware and have cooked air fryer sausage in both. Both of them cooked the same length of time.

cooking sausage in air fryer


While you can cook this recipe at 360F for longer time or shorter time, we used 360F to make the Italian sausage air-fried.

There are usually 5 packages of uncooked Italian sausages. Which model of air fryer do you use? This will affect how many you’re able to cook simultaneously. Make sure they’re in a single layer or else they won’t brown, and be sure to leave a little room on all sides to get them to cook evenly.

Pre-heat the oven for 3 minutes prior to cooking. Some models include this time in the cooking process, while others require you to do it manually.

Put the sausage on an aluminum basket or air fryer rack, and heat them to 360 F.

Italian sausage has a high-fat content like bacon, which could cause your air fryer to fill with white smoke. Make sure your drip tray is clean before cooking these if you have an air fryer oven model like we do. By starting with a clean air fryer, I did NOT get any smoke during cooking and everything worked perfectly.

Other people have also suggested that perforated parchment is placed under their items so less grease drips. For grease absorption, add some water (1 Tbsp) to the basket air fryer.

cooking sausage in air fryer

Air Fryer Sausage Cook Time

Turn the Italian sausage over and cook in an oven fryer for six minutes. Cook the sausage in an air fryer oven for another 5-6 minutes, or until it reaches 160F.

While our sausage was cooked in an air fryer, it took only 11 minutes. Other types of air fryers take slightly different time. Keep an eye on your oven’s temperature in order to know how long it takes for pork chops to be cooked in your particular model.

Important is to check that the internal temperature is at least 160 F. That’s the mark of a good sausage. Use a digital meat temperature to make breakfast sausages.

The sausages can be made quickly and could be flipped over. We noticed that both sides of the sausages turned brown, even though they weren’t flipped. The half-way point is where you should check. If they don’t turn brown, be sure to turn them.

Let the sausage cool in the oven for five minutes. Allow the juices to distribute evenly through the meat, making every bite moist and juicy. This should take at least five minutes.


The leftover sauteed onions and peppers were in the refrigerator so we used them.

Using a toaster oven style air fryer like below, when you flip the sausage it did leave little indents, that did not happen in the batch made in our basket style air fryer. Both of them taste great!

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cooking sausage in air fryer

Here are some recipe tips

Before you head off to make air fryer sausage patties, read through these recipe tips so that you achieve the best results!

There are many varieties of sausage patties. Here we chose Johnsonville Original Recipe Sausage and Breakfast Rounds. The thickness of the sausage patties and your air fryer can affect the exact cooking time.

Make sure to not overlap the patties in the air fryer. If they do, the patties might not cook evenly.

Make sure your sausage patties are cooked to 160°F.

Below are the cooking times for raw breakfast patties. You can make frozen or precooked breakfast patties. The cooking time may vary.

To capture any excess fat or grease from your sausage patties, you can place them on a plate lined with paper towels after they are cooked.

The air fryer was great for all our dishes.

cooking sausage in air fryer

Step By Step Instructions

The recipe photos show how to prepare sausage patties with an air fryer.

This way, you can see how we make them – but it’s really easy!

You can skip the rest of the post if you only need the temperature and cooking time for your air fryer breakfast sausage patties.

Place the sausage patties into the air fryer.

First, preheat the air fryer to 370 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once preheated, add the sausage patties. Make sure they fit in one even layer without overlap – this will help them cook evenly.

You must ensure that the patties have been fully cooked.

Cook the sausage patties for 8-11 minutes total until fully cooked and slightly browned on the outside.

Flip the patties mid-cooking.

The internal temperature of the meat should be 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

cooking sausage in air fryer


Heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place the preheated sausage patties in an oven tray. To ensure even cooking, make sure the sausage patties are placed in an even layer.

The sausage patties should be cooked for between 8-11 minutes until they are fully cooked through and lightly browned on both sides. The patties should be flipped halfway through their cooking. It should be 160 degrees Fahrenheit inside the meat. Every air fryer cooks differently so your cooking time may differ.

To absorb grease, place the sausage patties in an air-fryer. Enjoy!

cooking sausage in air fryer


Johnsonville Original Recipe Sausage Breakfast Rounds was the one we used. But, you can also find other brands. You will need to cook the sausage patty according to its size.

To make frozen sausage patties add some extra time. Make sure to keep them in a safe place.

Because sausage patties are susceptible to leaking fat, make sure you use a clean fryer.

Yield: 6 Serving Sizes: 1 Calories Per Serving: 88 Saturated Fat : 2g Trans Fat : 0g 5g Cholesterol : 23mg Sodium : 220mg. Carbohydrates : 0g Fiber : 0g Sugar : 0g. Protein : 5g. The nutritional information is derived from an online nutrition calculator. It should only be seen as a rough calculation and not a replacement for professional dietary advice. The precise value of each ingredient will vary.

.Cooking Sausage In Air Fryer

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