Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

Shopping online is super easy with your computer or phone. There is one problem: you must wait for the package to arrive. That could raise concerns about theft depending on your location and how frequently you are home.

Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

You may wonder what Amazon’s theft policy is if you shop online as much as I do, but are concerned about security.

  • I wanted to know the same thing, so I looked into it and here’s the good news I found about Amazon and its approach to stolen packages!
  • Amazon’s Stolen Packet Policy 2022

    With over one million package being lost or stolen each day in the U.S.A, it is clear that theft of parcels has hit new heights. Amazon reassures shoppers with its A-to-z Guarantee Protection, which covers the majority of stolen packages. Amazon will refund your money if it isn’t possible to return the package.

  • If you want to know more about Amazon’s stolen package policy, including how to report a stolen package and get a refund, keep reading our full guide!
  • Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

    You’re a victim of theft.

    Amazon offers many options to help protect against theft of packages.

    To check the order status, you first need to log in to your account. There is a chance that your order didn’t reach you because of bad weather or other circumstances.

    If your order is listed as delivered but it’s nowhere to be seen on your front doorstep or wherever you receive packages, you may want to check with your neighbors first.

    It’s possible the Amazon delivery driver made an honest mistake and dropped your package at the wrong house.

    You can report Amazon if the package remains missing or you suspect it has been stolen.

    You should still keep an eye out for the package in case it turns up, as there could be a notice of attempted delivery or maybe it was dropped in your mailbox instead of at your door.

    The official Amazon site advises that you wait at least 48 hours before you send your package. In rare instances, the packages might appear as delivered but have not been dropped off.

    These may happen if you live near a region where several carriers handle your delivery instead of Amazon.

    How To Report A Stolen Amazon Package?

    Log in to your Amazon account, and then go to the order that is missing. Be aware that reporting methods can vary depending on whether the package was sold by Amazon, a third-party seller, or Amazon itself.

    The seller must be contacted first if you wish to submit a stolen package report if you purchased the item through Amazon Marketplace.

    The order transaction details will appear in your account. Here you can choose to contact the seller. The seller can be reached directly by email or via their app. After that, they will need 24 hours to reply.

    Once the 24 hours are up, you may proceed with a claim, unless the seller has contacted you and offered to resend the product or give you a refund.

    To make a claim on your transaction, select the order you wish to dispute and follow the instructions under “Where is my stuff?”

    Amazon or the third seller will contact you in order for them to address the problem further and find a solution.

    Amazon will fulfill your order for you. To view or file a claim on items purchased and fulfilled, just visit the order.

    Make sure you fill in the required fields and explain when you were expecting the package and how you never got it.

    You have the opportunity to give as much detail as possible, even if security cameras show someone actually taking it.

    To get your refund processed faster, even if there aren’t any cameras in your home, you can still provide accurate and detailed information.

    Contact Amazon Customer Service to follow-up if there has been no response for a while.

    Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

    Does Amazon Give Refunds On Stolen Packages?

    Amazon will take care of all stolen packages reports in order to provide shoppers with peace of mind.

    Stolen packages containing third-party Amazon sellers’ items are covered by the A to Z Guarantee. So, customers can rest assured that their money will be reimbursed if a package is stolen.

    Even for items sold directly by Amazon, the retailer does its best to provide replacement items or refunds, which helps protect its reputation when it comes to stolen packages.

    Track your claims on Amazon. The payment to your account is then returned.

    Amazon may deny you a claim if the seller provides proof that the delivery was successful or if the information is false.

    How Common Are Stolen Amazon Packages?

    Amazon has numerous options for safe shipping, such as setting shipping speed preferences so you can make sure you’re home, signatures on expensive items, and in-home, garage, or car deliveries for Prime members using Amazon Key.

    Amazon is unable to prevent every package from being taken, despite all its safeguards and a great reputation for timely, safe delivery.

    The United States has 1.7 millions packages that are either lost or stolen each day. Amazon is the country’s biggest e-retailer so many stolen packages have been ordered through Amazon.

    13% of Americans report that at least one parcel has been stolen. That’s $25 million worth of lost goods daily.

    A survey found that Amazon parcels are more likely to be stolen than USPS packages. Only 43% of those surveyed reported theft.

    Studies indicated Amazon packages are also more likely to be stolen then FedEx or UPS, so it’s good that Amazon offers protection against package theft.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon, which ships billions of packages every year, is by far the most visited online shop. As package theft increases in the U.S., porch pirates often look for Amazon boxes.

    Amazon sellers have the A to-z Guarantee that protects them from theft. If your package is stolen, you can either get a reimbursement or a new one.

    You can start a claim with Amazon if you believe a package has been stolen.

    .Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

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